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OSEA Travel to Guide Yucatán and Maya Riviera



OSEA Telephone Numbers:
[011.52] 985.851.384 Mexico Landline
[011.521] 985.---- Mexico Cell changes annually
812.669.1369 USA & International Voicemail / Skype phone

– When dialing a Mexico Landline from the USA, dial 011 for international, 52 for México
– When dialing a Mexico cell from the USA, dial 011 for international, 521 for México
– To call a cell phone from a local Mexico landline or pay phone, dial 044 before 10 digit ## number.
– To call a cell phone from a cell phone just dial the 10 digit number.
– To leave voicemail call the USA line



Mexican Phone Cards

There are at least 3 kinds of phone cards in Mexico.
The AMIGO Card or Amigo-Telcel (a telmex product) is for the pay by use cell phone.
The LADATEL telmex card is for the regular public pay phone -- buy these
The third kind that i have only found in the Cancun Airport (see below) is called El Tucan. These are for the pay phones by the bathrooms in Cancun Airport that are located between the Coffee shop and the Boarding Security Check Point. Do not buy these cards. Caution.

Cancun Airport has the usual Telmex Public Pay Phones. Get the LADATEL Telmex card at any of the little airport stores



Pay Phones

– The pay phones use prepaid calling cards.
– Buy a TELMEX card, which can be used on payphones throughout México.
– There is one prepaid card that is valid only for payphone located in the Cancun Airport; my suggestion is to avoid buying this card.
– Pisté has many Telmex payphones for use with the prepaid card.
– Once in Pisté, telephone casetas are also available for making and receiving calls to any destination.
– Telmex cards can be bought in any corner store that sells cigs, soda, chips, lottery; at a pharmacies; and almost any place else when in town or airports; stores often have a TELMEX sign in front. Cards are sold in 30, 50, 100 peso sizes.
– For local calling during your one month stay, a 30 peso card would be good to start. Calls to phones are cheap if local. Calls to cell phones are outrageously priced at 5 pesos a minute (50¢ a min.). Long distance calls are expensive as well. Use one 100 peso card for about 5 minutes of direct dialed; this price makes it only viable for emergencies.
– Note also that you can use calling card from the USA such at IDT, Sprint, ATT, MCI, etc. from the Telmex pay phones HOWEVER you must insert a valid calling card into the machine. No charges will be made on the card. You must also call your USA based company in advance to get the 800# that you must call while IN México. Make sure they understand you want to call the USA FROM México to get rates and the correct #800 to call.



USA Cell Phones and Service
If you have a cell phone, we encourage you to bring it.
– Your service provider may offer service in Yucatán. Please contact your company
– Another option is ask your service provider for 1+ month suspension on your contract.

Alternatively you may bring a cell phone -- new model or an old nokia for example -- and have it re-serviced for use in Mexico
– Once in Mérida you can re-format the cell phone for use based on pre-paid cards called AMIGO. Re-servicing cost can vary, from 250 pesos ($25) on specials to 600 pesos. Cell Phones are not so expensive to make calls. Incoming calls are free but the person CALLING a cell phone pays for the call. If it is local call then it is 50¢ a minute. International calls are extremely expensive to make and to receive, but this can works as a safety/security for emergency situations. Although other people have said that they have received international long distance calls on their cell phones, I have neither received or called internationally from my cell phone.
– You may consider buying a $10 cheap cell phone off ebay to bring with you if you do not own one already. Good models with loud alarm clocks are old nokias.




Generally, you will not be able to make long distance phone calls from home stays.
You may receive long distance calls in your home, if the family has a phone.
You can use Ladatel phone cards to make long distance calls. This is emergency communication as you will quickly drain your bank account this way
I strongly encourage participants to investigate international calling card services from your land-line provider
You may also find good deals for specific $ amount calling cards online. you will need a credit card to purchase the card
Telephone Casestas are also available elsewhere. These usually charge about $16 pesos for the connect and $12 pesos a minute -- thats roughly $6 US for five minutes.
Good International rates are US 15 cents a minute. Many land-lines charge in the US 22-35 cents a minute range. It is almost impossible to find a rate under 10 cents If you find anything under US 20 cents a minute, grab it but also ALWAYS look for hidden costs



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