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OSEA Travel Guide: Electricity & Mobile Cell



OSEA Telephone Numbers:
OSEA no longer uses a landline. OSEA participants receive the cell numbers of the Director, Assistant Director, and teaching staff upon acceptance into the summer program.

OSEA Director voicemail: 812.855.9099

– When dialing a Mexico Landline from the USA, dial 011 for international, 52 for México
– When dialing a Mexico cell from the USA, dial 011 for international, 52 for México
– To call a cell phone from a cell phone just dial the 10 digit number.


Mexican Cell Phones and Phone Cards

We no longer recommend purchasing or using a Mexican cell phone or pay-per-use service. Please bring your US cell phone with international roaming service for Mexico.


USA Cell Phones and Service
If you have a cell phone, we encourage you to bring it.
– Your service provider may offer roaming service in Mexico. Please contact your cell service providor for details on costs, availability, and service.


Electricity: Converters, Adapters, Surge Protectors

Mexican Electricity
Mexican electricity is the same voltage/wattage as the USA. The main issue is that most homes and public places are wired with only two prong outlets and are therefore not grounded. Virtually all USA appliances are three pronged including most laptops. Typical Mexican homes and businesses only use outlets for 2 prong electrical cords. What to do?

Do I need an Adapter?
Yes. If you can easily get to a hardware store before you leave, then go and buy yourself two 3-to-2 prong adapter-converters at about $2-3 for your laptop and for any other appliances that you might need -- hairdryers, coffee makers, etc.

Do I need a Surge Protector?
Yes! Yes. Yes, you should bring your own standard protected outlet with six plugs (approx $8-15). You will want to search for one that is compact with short cord to use on a regular basis in your homestay or while in the Posada Olalde. Note that these always are 3 prong cords! Thus, you will need to have an adapter. While 3-to-2 prong adapters are cheap in Mexico, protected outlets can be twice US price and not nearly as aesthetic to our us-tastes. to


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