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OSEA Equipment and Supplies Checklist updated December 27, 2014


  1. Cell phone, old-2nd hand unlocked, sim card cell phone for Mexico use/disposable if necessary

  2. Laptop, with CD/DVD Burner, 300 gigs storage minimum, 2 USB ports. Install and run all accessories for cameras, recorders, cables, harddrives, zip drives, thumb drives, etc. You must have a DVD burner on your laptop, whether this is built in or external.

  3. SD Memory card USB adaptor or flashdrive/memory stick slot on computer in order to upload data.

  4. Portable Harddrive, min. 100 gigs minimum with usb cable connection

  5. Minimum one if not 2 or 3 thumb storage drives, Flashdrives, memory sticks of a minimum of 16 gigs.

  6. SLR-Like Digital Camera, 8 megapixel, 10 optical zoom, min 3200 ISO, with video functionabilty

  7. Digital Audio Recorder, with AC power adapter and cable to upload to laptop; and any software to convert audio file formats from .wav and .wma to .mp3

  8. one backup set ofrechargeable batteries for digital camera and for digital recorder, min. Specific equipment needs proprietary batteries. If you use AA rechargeable batteries for cameras make sure that they have a minimum rate of 2400-2650 mhz power (these are more expensive)

  9. Battery Recharger, capable of recharging all of battery types that your equipment uses

  10. Memory cards for digital still camera minimally 2 cards of 8-32 gigs each

  11. Memory cards and chips for digital audio recorder. You will normally need one SHDC cards and a back up for your photographic camera, audio recorder, video camera, and perhaps tablet or cell phone as well. These ideally should be a minimum of 16 gigs each for photos, 32 gigs for video, 4 gigs for audio

  12. Digital Video Camera, for those doing video ethnography, including all accessories and supplies

  13. Waterproof carrying cases and bags for everyday storing/carrying equipment in any context, for cell, audiorecorder, cameras, back up batteries, memory sticks, memory cards -- ideally with straps for hooking onto belt or elsewhere for accessibility

  14. Favorite notebooks and pens & pencils to to write fieldnotes. If you have specific needs along these lines bring your own favorite pens and notebooks. There are many stores in town where you can purchase these on location.

  15. A DVD burner built in to your laptop or an external DVD burner. This is required as you are obliged to turn in your research materials and projects on DVD.

  16. Audacity software. Free to dowload from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ in order to edit audio files and to convert audio file formats.

  17. Image management software. OSEA uses ACDSee image management programs for which you are can receive a discount. You are required to have this software installed and operational on your laptop when you arrive. Make sure you are conversant with the software before arrival.

  18. A six outlet surge protector, with three prong sockets and ideal 6 feet cord. Check all of your electrical equipment and verify what is two prong, what is two prong with ground, and what is three-prong. Electricity in Mexico is the same as the USA, but most homestay homes are not equipped to handle grounded electrical equipment and have low quality wiring. To avoid a catastrophe bring your protector-outlet.

  19. Electrical adaptors, three prong to 2 prong. Available in Piste for less than $2. However it is most convenient to bring one of your own to avoid any time in which you are unable to re-charge a battery.

  20. Firewire-USB cords for direct connection of digital equipment, such as phone, tablets, etc. to laptop. Make sure all of your digital equipment can be connected hardwire and wifi to your laptop so that you can upload and then copy your research materials to the OSEA dvd and hard drive.

  21. Optional: tripod for still and/or video camera, depending on research interests, quality of your camera(s), and focus on visual methodologies of research

  22. All purpose multifunctional army knife for miscellaneous uses

  23. Miscellaneous: duck tape is always good, as well as waxed string for sewing bags/backpacks, small sewing kit with a variety sized needles -- normal to large for repairing bags



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