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OSEA Travel Guide: Airline Routes and Airports


Airlines that fly direct into Mérida MID:

⦾ United, American Airlines, and Air Canada all fly directly into M&eaacute;rida ( MID ). For those in Midwest and East Coast, the airline of choice is United to Mérida via Houston Inter-Continental Bush -- IAH. American Airlines is viable coming from Texas or West Coast USA. All other airline have a "direct" route via México City with a Mexican partner airline (e.g., Aeromáxico or Volaris). You simply do not want to detour through México City airport on the way to Merida unless you are getting paid to do it. Careful with selecting American Airlines as it partners also with Mexican airlines to get you to Mérida via México City.

⦾ US airlines from Miami into Mérida often use Mexican Partners; so, try them directly first for prices for savings even if you want to use the US airlines for mileage.

⦾ Aeromexico is the largest Mexican airlines. It is partners with Delta and other US airlines. There are many other smaller airlines that service specific regions. All airlines fly into and out of México City to get to other regional airports. This is something to avoid. Try Volaris as an option.



Although you may already have extensive experience searching for cheap airfares online, OSEA recommends the use of Kayak.com for ease and effective finding of best fares. On Kayak you can automatically do comparative searchs on kayak against four other providers -- hotwire, expedia, priceline, travelocity.




First, when ever you use an online travel company and feel you have a good quote, its often good policy to check the pricing against the fare listed directly from the airline on their website.
Second, check the fares to see if the taxes are included or not. Typically the really great fares, say $200 roundtrip to Cancun do not include the various airport taxes, which total approximately $90 to $100 US.
Third, over the last 2-3 years the airlines have been criminal in their adding hidden or concealed fees to their fares. Before you buy a ticket, double check the cost of changing any segment and the cost of baggage. Its not fun to have pay an extra $25 or more dollars for a piece of luggage at the counter. True, the standard HAS been that at least two bags of luggage for international travel is free. Then this was reduced to one bag. It could very well be that free baggage is completely eliminated for international travel. Keep your eyes open!



Check here to compare the "extra" charges and fees that airlines are charging for your luggage and seat cushion.

Cancun Airport
AIRLINES service Cancun via different USA ports of entry
Airlines Main US Port of Entry Website Phone Number
AirTran Atlanta & Baltimore only www.airtran.com 1-800-825-8538 
American Airlines Has extensive service throughout Mexico; flghts from Dallas, Miami, Chicago www.aa.com 1-800-433-7300 


Cleveland, LaGuardia NYC, Newark, Houston www.continental.com 1-800-523-3273 
Delta Atlanta www.delta.com 1-800-222-1212 
Frontier Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Denver www.frontierairlines.com 1-800-432-1359 
Northwest Memphis, Indianapolis, Detroit, St. Paul/Minneapolis www.nwa.com 1-800-225-2525 
United Chicago, DC, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles www.united.com 1-800-864-8331 
US Airways Phoenix, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Charlotte www.usairways.com 1-800-428-4322 
Spiritair Ft. Lauderdale www.spiritair.com  
Alaska Air Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles www.alaskaair.com  



Note, flights into Merida are more expensive but much cheaper and easier to get in and out of the airport and elsewhere (such as Piste). A taxi from chichen to merida airport is roughly $70 US.

Flights into Cancun can be cheaper. However, calculate additional airport to bus station charge of $5 one way, and $20 bus to get from Cancun to Piste. Thus, add another $50 to the Cancun ticket for local travel. A taxi from Piste to Cancun airport is roughly $150 US, which can be divided by number of passengers. Airport Shuttles from Tulum and from Playa del Carmen range from $25 to $15 US.



Check here to compare the "extra" charges and fees that airlines are charging for your luggage and seat cushion.


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