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The Open School of Ethnography & Anthropology (osea) and
Community Institute of Transcultural Exchange (cite)



We Value and hold as our Fundamental Principles

⚬ self-responsibility and care for others as the foundation of ethical action;
⚬ respect of oneself and respect of other’s autonomy and self-determination;
⚬ ethical communication between persons and groups;
⚬ community building in the interface of global interactions;
⚬ local control of community cultural, social and natural resources; and
⚬ inter-cultural exchange and transcultural dynamics as the basic processes of identity formation, self-respect, and ethical care for others.



Our Strategies of Teaching and Methods of Actualization

⚆ on-site language learning, cultural immersionand exchange in a study abroad format;
⚆ hands-on interactive pedagogies, training workshops, reciprocal education processes;
individual as well as collective research; independent and collaborative research;
⚆ joint, inter-institutional projects in research, teaching, training, and communication;
⚆ action research and applied anthropologies, consultancy;
⚆ teaching anthropology to children and community groups, as well as the development of continuing education programs in response to community needs; and
⚆ cultural resource management, sustainable development analysis.



OSEA Policy of Nondiscrimination
OSEA actively promotes racial, sexual, gender, national, ethnic, class, cultural, and religious nondiscrimination. OSEA does not discriminate against applicants and students on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual identity or orientation, class belonging, or national or ethnic origin.

OSEA admits students of any race, color, religion, gender, sexual identity and orientation, class belonging, cultural identity, marital status, national or ethnic origin and grants such persons all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities that are accorded and available to any other student participant.

OSEA prohibits discrimination on the basis of these identities in administering its educational policies, admission policies, and all school-administered programs. OSEA pledges to continue its commitment to the achievement of equal opportunity within every one of its educational, cultural exchange, research, and outreach programs and activities.




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