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OSEA Field Study Abroad Programs in Mexico


OSEA Field School Student Research Conferences


OSEA Field School Programs conclude with a student research conference. These are structured as professional meetings in which field school participants are provided 15 minutes to give a presentation of their research project and fieldwork. Often these are attended by friends from the community who have worked with student researchers in the course of fieldwork, homestay parents, other community friends, community colleagues, and staff. As well scholars and researchers who live or work in Yucatan, or colleagues who are passing through Yucatan and/or Piste are often invited as a special guests to participate as audience and discussants of conference presentations. OSEA may also invite such scholars and researchers to present on their own work.

These presentations provide field school participants an opportunity to learn how to prepare and give a professional paper. In writing up the text of their presentations, field school participants also have the opportunity to begin their formal analysis of the research materials that they have been collecting. Participants are also encouraged to participate in the OSEA field school panel that is organized for the meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), usually held in late March or early April of every year.

Four OSEA Field school participants gave papers at the 2010 SFA (Society for Applied Anthropology) Meetings in Merida. Two participants participated in the 2011 SfAA Meetings in Seattle.



OSEA Video Libraries on YouTube and Facebook

OSEA invites you to view student presentations and ethnographic fieldwork at "openschoolethnograph" on Youtube.

As well, you are invited to visit "OSEA Heritage Ethnography" FB Groups profile on Facebook, where there are additional conference and fieldwork videos, photo albums, as well as program and travel information.









OSEA Emerging Scholars Research Seminar 2012

Call for Papers For details on how to submit paper proposals and requests to screen ethnographic film, visit OSEA Emerging Scholars Research Seminar


OSEA Hosted Wenner Gren Workshop
In 2005, OSEA was host sponsor of a Wenner Gren Workshop on Social Archaeologies. This workshop led to the publication of the book edited by Quetzil Castaned and Christopher Matthews, Ethnographic Archaeologies.



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