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Based in Research & Collaborations of the Field School in Experimental Ethnography
(1995–1999) and OSEA (2003–present)

 Recent OSEA publications include Estrategias Identitarias (2005) edited by OSEA Co-Founders
Juan A. Castillo Cocom and Quetzil Castañeda, and published through a collaboration between OSEA with Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (Merida) and the Secretaria de Educación Yucatan. See below for additional publications that are based in research conducted through in part or in whoe or in association with OSEA programs and activities or its precursor, the Field School in Experimental Ethnography.

Armstrong Fumero, Fernando
2000     Making Art in Pisté: Art and Experimental Ethnography in a Yucatec Maya Community. Master’s Thesis, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania. Based on field research during the 1997, 1998, and 1999 field seasons Field School of Experimental Ethnography (Quetzil Castañeda, Director).

Breglia, Lisa C.
2006     Monumental Ambivalence. Austin: University of Texas Press.

2003     Docile Descendants and Illegitimate Heirs: Privatization of Cultural Patrimony in Mexico. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Anthropology, Rice University. Dissertation and book project that derived from initial research with INAH workers at Chichen Itza during 1998 and 1999 Field School of Experimental Ethnography (Quetzil Castañeda, Director).

Castañeda, Quetzil E.
2023     "Legacies of the OSEA Ethnography and Maya Language Fieldschools." Special Issue, Ethnography Field School Legacies, Tim Wallace, editor, (under review).

2022      "A Framework for Teaching Aspect System Grammar: New Strategies in Maya Language Pedagogy." Unpublished ms.

2020      "Policing Illegalities in a UNESCO World Heritage: On Ethnographic Espionage and Sentimental Ownership." Unpublished ms.

2013        Castañeda, Quetzil E and Jennifer Mathews,“Archaeology Meccas of Tourism: Exploration, Protection, Exploitation.” In C. Walker and N. Carr, editors, pp. 37-64. Tourism and Archaeology: Sustainable Meeting Grounds.  Left Coast Press.

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2008 “The Ethnographic Turn”:  Research Positioning and Reflexivity in Ethnographic Archeologies. In Q. E. Castañeda and C. N. Matthews, editors. Ethnographic Archaeologies. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press, pp. 25-62.

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Castañeda, Quetzil E., Fernando Armstrong Fumero and Lisa C. Breglia
1999     Ah Dzib P'izté': Modern Maya Art in Ancient Tradition. Exhibition Catalog. Lake Forest, IL: Lake Forest College.

Castañeda, Quetzil E. and Lisa C. Breglia
1997-98     Monograph of the Field School in Experimental Ethnography. 2 Vols. (1997, 1998). Unpublished MS.

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Castillo Cocom, Juan A. and Castañeda, Quetzil E., editors
2005     Estrategias Identitarias: Educación y la antropologia histórica en Yucatán. Mérida, México: Universidad Pedagógica Nacional–Mérida, the Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology, and Secretaria de Educación–Yucatán.

Logan, Joy
2005    "Transculturation and Affect in the L2 Classroom: Teaching English And Ethnography in the Yucatán." Estudios de Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada, vol. 6 (6), pp. 41-62.






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