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OSEA Field Study Abroad Programs in Mexico


Tarifas para Mexicanos y Latinoamericanos

Mexican and other Latin American Nationals who are not Studying in the USA or Europe:

Special pricing for Mexican and other Latin American citizens is available.

To be eligible you must:

(1) not have US citizenship or US passport, nor citizenship/passport with any northern, western or southern European nation; this includes dual citizenship with USA or countries previously indicated

(2) You must not have studied for or be currently enrolled in a high school, bachelors, masters, graduate certificate, or doctoral program in the USA or in any country of Europe.

(3) You must be a citizen of and reside in Mexico, Latin America or other qualifying country with full time residency in this country.

(4) You must be able to provide proof of advanced levels of English proficiency that allows you to be able read and comprehend English language texts in anthropology.

Mexican, Latin American and other qualifying nationals can receive up to a 55% tuition discount on OSEA programs. Each program rate is different and changes on an annual basis. Participants pay he same fees for lodging, meals, and activities. These fees and rates also vary by program type and duration.

All Mexican, Latin American and other qualifying nationals submit the application and enrollment forms as other participants. All Fees must be paid in US dollars that include the payment of any and all transaction fees, and calducate for current exchange rates.

Please contact the OSEA director regarding your interests. quetzil at osea-cite dot org

* Direct OSEA Enrollment allows students from any university with any residence status or nationality to enroll directly with OSEA. Payment is made directly to OSEA as per guidelines described in the application process and on the OSEA website. Upon completion of the program the student receives an OSEA transcript and a transcript from its accredited partner the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán or UADY. In order to facilate the transfer of credits, students receive two copies of each transcript in two separate sealed envelopes in September following the completion of summer program. One of these sealed and stamped envelopes should be stored among your important papers and the second envelope is then hand-delivered by the student to the registrar of their university in order to comply with their rules for accepting transfer credits. Please note that your university may have a policy that requires the registrar to reject transcripts delivered in envelopes that have been tampered with or broken.





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