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OSEA Field Study Abroad Programs in Mexico


SELT is the School of Experimental Language Training
SELT is a Division of OSEA focused on Language Exchange, Research, and Learning

SELT Spanish Language Immersion Intensive Courses

2021 Spanish Courses, based in intensive immersion:
— June 6 to June 19 -- Two Week
— June 20 to July 3 -- Two Week (ideal for 2nd Session 4 week ethnography participants )

Intensive Spanish is especially designed for OSEA Field School participants who seek to jump start their communicative fluency before the formal start of the ethnography program.

There is a Minimum Requirement of one year of coursework for the OSEA Intensive Spanish. You must be able to achieve a minimum score of "Middle Novice" on the OSEA Spanish Self-Assessment Score

Two Week Course includes Arrival on Sunday by Noon. Class and structured learning activity on first Saturday. Departure on second Saturday.

Learning Activiites : Include visits city of Valladolid for markets, social night, and Spanish language movie; visiting handicraft markets and artisans, clinics and health practioners or schools, based on your research interests and plans for ethnographic work in osea.



Compare your current level of Spanish according to the ACTFL Language Proficiency Criteria
Tell us what level you are now, and what level you want to achieve! Let OSEA Spanish help you realize your goals!

OSEA now offers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish in Mexico. Bring your Spanish language abilities up to higher levels of conversational proficiency. OSEA offers high teacher-student ratio and individualized teaching allows OSEA to develop a uniquely tailored set of learning objectives and appropriate learning activities that is directly suited to the level and needs of each participant.

Enrollment is restricted to four students per instructor for each course. Our Spanish language staff consists of native speakers who are trained and professionaly trained and experienced teachers of Spanish. The program relies on classroom learning and provides each student with a native-speaker language assistant who works with students one-on-one for focused conversation and targeted communicative assignments to bring proficiency to its highest levels.  The course is conducted entirely in Spanish.

The program is entirely conducted in the Maya community of Pisté, Yucatán, and is ideally suited for participants in the OSEA Ethnography Field School or the SELT Teaching English Service Learning Program.

CLICK HERE to Access the Online Enrollment Form for Intensive Spanish Immersion
Note that the online enrollment form does not allow "Save and Resume Later" functionality.

Contact Hours and Course Credits
This OSEA language course does not provide university course credits. It is not an accredited language course.



OSEA Spanish Instructors
Zacharias Brandner (MA Spanish 2018, University of Texas Tech) leads the OSEA team of Spanish Instructors. Zach has had extensive experience teaching undergraduate Spanish classes in different university contexts and has traveled extensively through Mexico, Spain and Yucatan ( a special corner of Mexico!). He brings expertise on Spanish dialects, grammar, Maya culture and History into play in designing the most appropriate content and ways of learning Spanish to fit your needs.
Likther Yam is an assistant instructor for OSEA. His main occupations is midddle school and high school teacher in Pisté. "Lik" contribute to the OSEA experience as community liaison and cultural embassador. In addition to his work as conversation instructor, Lik, along with Zach, will be your escorts for all types of cultural events and activities.

Spanish Instruction
The language instruction is designed to create communicative proficiency in speaking and listening. Participants are beginning and novice level or low intermediate. The course instruction is designed to cater to your learning needs. The teacher to student ratio allows us to fine-tune the instruction to your specific learning objectives. This intensive language program is tailored to fit the fluency level of each participant.

Teachers are trained in methodologies for optimizing communicative proficiency based in the ACTFL assessment system.  The course includes cultural content material that is directly related to language proficiencies and designed to be used for the most effective advancement of your communicative abilities.
One can choose either of the two one week programs or opt for the Two-Week Immersion Program. Participants in SELT Teaching English Service Learning may benefit the most from the two week program, which ends prior to the start of the SELT program.

Teaching / Learning Methods
OSEA provides langauge instruction that is individualized to the needs of the participant. However, in order for participants to make the most of their time to actually develop fluency and proficiency, students must be motivated and discipined to learn. To transform one's level from novice to intermediate requires more than simply attending a crash course. It requires dedication and effort to do homework that ranges from structured drills, memorizing vocabulary, and formal lessons in grammar to proactively creating language learning interactions, fieldnote taking, creating personal dictionaries, and well, immersion! Immersion means taking all efforts to stop thinking and speaking in English and instead use Spanish.



Program Costs and Tuition
The standard tuition rate is $450 for 10 day course. Persons enrolled in the Intensive Spanish course can choose one of two options for Lodging and Meals. Alternatively, Spanish participants can opt to make their own individual arrangements if prefered.


Lodging and Meals Option
Participants have several choices for lodging and meals. These options are:
     ⇒Homestay with family includes three meals a day.
     ⇒Lodging in Posada Olalde and two arranged meals with Spanish speaking family
     ⇒Participants can choose to make their own arrangements directly with service providors

Participants in other OSEA programs have preference in selection of a Homestay option. or lodging in a Posada and meals. A Program Activities and Facility Fee is included in the cost of the Homestay. Homestay options are by request only. Participants must submit an Online Homestay Request Form


Transcripts and Credits
OSEA Intensive Spanish Course does not offer accredited college level credits. Participants in OSEA programs who enroll in Spanish must note that the Spanish courses do not appear on the OSEA transcript received for participation in other OSEA programs.



Program Dates and Course Start Times
Arrival at OSEA facility in Pisté by noon on start date. Last class session on final day ends at 11 am.



Non-Refundable Deposit & Registration Fee of $100
$100 Due at time of enrollment. This is an advance deposit on the total program costs and thus is credited to total amount due at final payment dates. This is a Non-Refundable Registration Fee. Cancellation by participant entails forfeiture of Registration Fee. Cancellation of participation after final payment is assessed a Withdrawal Fee of the total amount of Tuition. The amount paid for lodging and meals is refunded for Early Withdrawal or Cancellation.

Program Costs

Click here to see the complete Schedule of Fees for Spanish
OSEA Intensive Spanish Course Fee Schedule

Tuition Rates plus Activities Fee and Homestay or Posada & Meals

One Week Intensive Spanish Program Tuition


$1080.-- Posada
$950.-- Homestay


$930.-- Posada
$800.-- Homestay

Two Week Intensive Spanish Program Tuition


$1980.-- Posada
$1700.-- Homestay


$1560.-- Posada
$1300.-- Homestay

$1150 Homestay for 6 wk ethnography participants
Three Week Intensive Spanish Program Tuition


$1840.-- Posada
$2450.-- Homestay


$2340.-- Posada
$1950.-- Homestay

Posada & Meals, & Activities $280 week $560 two weeks $840 three weeks  

Homestay & Activities Fee

$150 week $300 two weeks $450 three weeks  

Course Materials
Participants are provided a coursebook which is used for instruction. In addition participants should purchase on their own for their individual personal use materials such as: 501 Spanish Verbs, Spanish-English Dictionary (pocket size), Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary Cheat Sheets, Vocabulary Flashcards, and similar handy resources that can be found at any university bookstore. Once enrolled participants are provided course materials, information on recommended materials that can be purchased, and a pre-departure "Spanish Workout Routine." This is a special OSEA designed preparation schedule that helps you maximize your learning experience during the Intensive Spanish program and helps you excel in gaining communicative fluency.

Enrollment Process for Intensive Spanish Immersion
Participants are accepted on a rolling, first come first serve basis. In order to guarantee enrollment a $50 non-refundable Deposit / Registration per course must be paid via Paypal upon completion of the Enrollment. Participants indicate on their preference for lodging and meal choice. 100% of balance must be submitted 4 weeks prior to start date of program or no later than May 10.

The Online Enrollment Form for Intensive Spanish Immersion accessible here.

Permanent Link to Online Spanish Enrollment Form

How to Make Payment of Registration Fee
Deposit Registration Fee is $75 if paid by check or $79 if paid by Paypal. Instructions for payment are available on the Online Enrollment Form. This Deposit is the same amount whether you wish to participate in one or more weeks of Intensive Spanish.

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