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OSEA Research Conferences

OSEA has become recognized as a leading center of anthropological research and ethnographic training in the Yucatán. OSEA offers researchers who work in Yucatán and neighboring states of Quintana Roo a field center to visit, meet with other field researchers to discuss projects, to consult resources, and to participate in ongoing dialogue on current issues. As part of its ongoing mission OSEA organizes and sponsors a series of distinct research conferences and workshops.


OSEA Emerging Scholars Research Seminar
The Emerging Scholars Research Seminar is an annual conference inaugurated in 2011. The objective is to provide new scholars the unique opportunity to engage in an intensive and focused dialogue with their peers on shared research questions and interests. The OSEA ESRS is designed on the model of an SAR Research Seminar(School for Advanced Research) but for emerging scholars -- that is, persons ranging in career status from advanced graduate students who have completed significant field research to recent Ph.D.s who have yet to publish their first book. The seminar is designed to stimulate critical and constructive commentaries that can lead to new and significant insights into the work of each participant and into the issues that are addressed. The constructive-critical dialogue is designed to lead to the publication of articles based on papers presented in the Seminar. To this end papers are circulated in advance and each participant is designated as commentator on a specific paper.

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Field School Conferences
As part of each ethnography field school program, student researchers participate in an in-house OSEA Conference. These conferences are structured as professional meetings in which students are provided 15 minutes to give a presentation of their research project and fieldwork. Often these are attended by friends from the community who have worked with student researchers in the course of fieldwork, homestay parents, community friends and colleagues, as well as invited scholars and researchers who are working in the area or passing through on the way to/from their research sites.


OSEA Hosted Wenner Gren Conference, 2005
Advanced Research Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences
In 2005, OSEA was host sponsor of a Wenner Gren Workshop on Social Archaeologies. This workshop led to the publication of the book edited by Quetzil Castañeda and Christopher Matthews, Ethnographic Archaeologies, which has become recognized as a pioneering text in the development of this new subfield of archaoelogy.



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