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OSEA Travel to Guide Yucatán and Maya Riviera

Personal Items

Various body/suntan lotions, oils, shampoos, toothpastes, soaps, razors, etc., can be purchased fairly cheaply there; the namebrands (such as NIVEA) that can be bought there are much cheaper, but somewhat different than what one is used to in the States. Thus, calculate accordingly.

Pure ALOE VERA and U.S. brands of suntan stuff is more expensive there; also there is often not the same variety of items. e.g., #4 is almost impossible to find in Cancun, but Oil#2 is everywhere.



To buy in México or bring:

  • Suntan lotion/oil, protection # according to your preferences
  • aloe vera GEL for overexposed skin. Gel versus lotion is strongly suggested
  • allocaine for burns
  • mosquito juice (remember some are cancer causing). Bring both roll-on stick and rub-on lotion. Some people like the spray stuff
  • Antibiotic cream for insect bites/irritations and to clean minor wounds
  • toothpaste and toothbrush; flouride and gargle mouthwashes are cheaper there
  • Q-tips and/or cotton balls and bandaids
  • finger/toenail clippers or scissors
  • razors and/or shaving cream, although mexican and usa brands are available
  • regular and allergy eye drops; allergy medicines (if used)
  • one roll of athletic tape and duct tape for multiple purposes
  • a travel set of needle and thread for sewing repairs
  • a ball of waxed thread for repairing various items
  • a jackknife with can opener, screwdriver, etc.
  • a beltbag/pouch and/or a passport pouch-necklace thing as you prefer
  • backpack or other versatile/durable bag for daily use in which you can carry various research necessities: camera, film, cassettes, water, notebooks, etc.
  • good sunglasses, perhaps even two pairs in case one gets lost/broken
  • small pocket flashlight and optional medium size
  • small plastic bottles/containers for shampoo, etc. for short trips
  • your favorite writing utensils, a ruler, compass-pencil, etc.
  • an exacto knife if available; some sharpie pens
  • a watch or timepiece to carry around
  • a small alarm traveling clock, battery run (the electricity cuts out a lot)
  • camera batteries are best bought in the States; other batteries are very cheap there
  • various kinds of notebooks and writing pads (including hardback) can be purchased cheaply there, but if you have a favorite style/shape to write in, then bring it!!
  • any special vitamins, pills, supplements, medicines that you must take
  • contact lense stuff, if you use them
  • U.S. brand tampons, etc. can be bought there
  • straps and or cords to attach extra pieces of things onto your luggage
  • one or two light reading items as desired -- something that can be left in the Center's library collection, please!
  • one or two handkerchiefs for personal and various uses
  • you will buy a hammock there in Pistű. (estimate $30-40 maximum)
  • please note that if you have bought a hammock within the tourist market, you will 95% of the time need to buy another hammock that can be used to sleep in every night. Sleeping on beds in posadas is possible but not recommended; residence with families is not possible without the purchase of a hammock.
  • you may consider a queen size, disposable sheet for your hammock to sleep
  • you may consider buying a blanket (which are heavy) IN PISTÉ to sleep in
  • if you are a coffee addict, bring your own melita cone, french press, or vietnamese style coffee maker/s. Whole & ground coffee can be purchased in Cancun, but it is recommended that you bring your own ground coffee for duration of season.



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