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Gifts for HomeStay Families

Bringing gifts to hosts and particularly host families is a custom in México. The following list are suggestions on gifts to bring your soon to be friends and “family.” One general rule is to not purchase gifts of ostentatious value nor in excessive amounts. Modesty and humility in the giving of gifts is most appropriate. Note that gifts are appropriate for homestays – to give to your homestay family. Many, if not all, of the families will have children. It is not necessary to bring gifts for the Summer Program, although you may at some point want to give a small gift as a token of appreciation or friendship.

  • Tins of tea, such as Earl Grey, or other flavors, preferably bagged.
  • English-Spanish dictionaries
  • Little toys for children
  • Non-meltable “fun” americana-like candy is also an appropriate thing to share and/or give as a gift. Peanut or Pecan Brittle or any special kind of local food good for which your town or region claims fame and reknown is a great choice.
  • English and/or bilingual children’s storybooks that can be used to teach English.
  • T-shirts (for men, women, and children) and baseball hats (for men) with US or college athletic teams, or tourist t-shirts for your home-town or region are good gifts.
  • touristic souvenirs of your region -- mugs, music, photo album, etc.

Remember, that the cost can be kept to a minimum, so long as the item has some kind of significance. Such as the item is produced in your hometown, region or state, it has international resonance (e.g., sports teams especially baseball), or identifies you with your university/college.



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