OSEA Ethnographic Methods Field School / Heritage Ethnography, Visual Ethnography / Summer Study Abroad / Community Tourism Sustainable Tourism Field Studies / International Service Learning in Yucatan. Maya Culture and Tourism Development / Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology OSEA Schedule of Fees OSEA Summer Field Study Abroad Programs in Interdisciplinary Cultural Anthropology . TESL, Teaching English Service Learning, Ethnography of Archaeology, Heritge Ethnography, Tourism Studies, Intensive Maya Language Immersion, Learn Maya, teaching Maya as a second language acquisition, Mexico. Quetzil Castaneda is the founding director of OSEA the Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology. Specialist in Maya language, archaeological tourism and heritage, ethnographic methods, experimental ethnography and experimental fieldwork.

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OSEA Field Study Abroad Programs in Mexico


OSEA Application Process:    OVERVIEW


The OSEA Application Process is a completely online submission of materials. Our preference is for online submission of all materials. There are several distinct online application forms that each applicant must submit. It is necessary to fill out all these forms within the deadline schedule in order to receive a timely processing of your enrollment.

OSEA prefers the online payment of the Application Fee via PayPal or check. We accept Popmoney for payments of Registration Fee Deposit and Balance of Payment so long as large payments are made so not to incur late fees. Please review pay option under "Payments" in top nav bar.

We accept online submission of scanned transcripts in pdf or as email attachment. We do not require an official transcript as these can add extra financial burden due to their institutional costs. to be directly mailed to OSEA.



Early Decision Enrollment
Early Decision Enrollment allows to benefit from a Tuition Reduction that varies in amount depending upon program. Early Decision Enrollment requires the payment of the Application Fee and the Non-Refundable Registion Deposit to be received by closing date as well as all required forms. If the primary application forms and payments are received by the early decision deadline, OSEA can offer this discounted tuition.

Late Enrollment
Late Enrollment begins on a different date for each program. Late enrollment for the Ethnography Programs begin February 25. Late applications are not processed without the payment of both Late Application Fee and the Non-Refundable Registion Deposit to guarantee place on the summer roster. Provisional Acceptance can be extended when payments are made but the enrollment package is incomplete. We allow for letters of recommendation and unofficial transcripts to be submitted within a week of the official deadline.



Online Application: Primary Enrollment Forms for Each Program
Please note that this system does not support "save and resume (later)". You must complete the entire application at one sitting. Follow links below to Online Forms:

⇒ Ethnography Field School: Health & Healing; Sustainable Community Tourism; Emergent Cultures
⇒ Intensive Maya Language Immersion
⇒ Intensive Spanish Immersion
⇒ SELT Teach English Service Learning (use Ethnography Field School main form)



Required Secondary Application Materials, filled out and submitted by Applicant
Supplementary Online Enrollment Forms:



Required Secondary Application Materials, filled out & submitted by Third-Party Persons

Applicants send your letter writers the link to these pages:

  • Evaluation of Applicant's Spanish Proficiency
    NATIVE / HERITAGE SPANISH SPEAKING APPLICANTS: If you are a fluent native or heritage speaker of Spanish, you may opt to complete this form yourself (instead of asking for a Spanish Instructor). If so, only complete page one of the online form and send an email to onlineapps@osea-cite.org stating that you initiated the form.
  • Letter of Recommendation Form, required for all programs except Intensive Spanish Week Course. Please ask a professor or teacher to writ you a letter of recommendation if you are enrolling in the Ethnography Field School, SELT Teaching English, Maya Health & Healing, or Maya Language Immersion. Provide your letter writer this page or link for them to complete the online letter of recommendation. This form asks checkbox questions and short narrative answers. There is also the option to upload a letter in word or pdf file.



Transcripts are required for Ethnography Field School and Teaching English Service Learning, but these need not originate directly from your university. While you may have your school send the transcript directly to us, we would actually prefer if you were to scan a copy of current official transcripts that you have in your possession and send it as an attachment to onlineapps@osea-cite.org.

Letters of Recommendation
OSEA requires only one letter of recommendation for each of its programs. A second letter is optional and at the discretion of the applicant. Letters of Recommendation are not required for the Intensive Spanish Immersion courses. Please have your letter writer submit their letter of recommendation via the online application process. The link is available above on this page and on the apply page.

Spanish Proficiency Forms: Who Needs to Submit Them?
Every applicant to every program is required to submit the Self-Assessment Spanish Proficiency Form.

Every applicant, with the exception of the Intensive Maya Immersion, must also submit a third party Spanish Evaluation Form or letter of recommendation about the applicant's level of Spanish and suggested target areas to prioritize in learning.

Participants in Intensive Maya Immersion need not have a Spanish evaluation. So long as the Self-Assessment Spanish is submitted we do not need a third-person evaluation. Be aware: A little Spanish for this program helps, but high proficiency in Spanish might actually be detrimental to the immersion learning as it could provide an easy escape route or option to pushing oneself to master Maya in all contexts!

Troubleshooting Application Problems
If you have any questions or difficulties with this system please contact us as soon as possible by email at onlineapps@osea-cite.org. If you have an urgent concern you may also reach us by phone at 812.669.1369. Thank you for your interest in OSEA!



Schedule of Fees and Payment Deadlines
Applicants should read carefully the instructions for each program to ensure a timely review of materials. No application will be considered without submission of all the forms, letters of recommendation, supporting documents, and fees.

Each program has its own deadlines and application process. For a complete listing of all application and fee deadlines for each program see Schedule of Fees



OSEA Direct Enrollment Plan
OSEA is an independent, non-degree school. You must apply and submit all materials and payments directly to OSEA. If you intend to make a payment to OSEA via a third party (such as a university or foundation in the form of a grant, scholarship, or other funding award) you need to verify in advance with their staff that they can make the payment directly to OSEA. Different funding agencies have different requirements. Some require that payment be made directly to the student and other funding agencies require payment be made only to the educational providor, which would be OSEA in this case. Double check these stipulations with your scholarship/grant source to ensure that your receipt of funding allows you to make payments in accordance with the OSEA schedule of fees and payments.


Schedule of Fees


OSEA Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy


Pay Options for payments to OSEA



Check here for information about grants and scholarships to help finance your participation in OSEA summer field study abroad programs.


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