Grad Training in Ethnography Field School. Grad Work Study and Staff Positions for Grad Students. Graduate training in Ethnography Field School. Grad Research Positions in Ethnography. OSEA offers graduate ethnography training program on-site in Yucatan, Mexico. Grad Work Study Staff Intern Positions in Ethnography. Ethnographic research methods. ethnography field school. Guatemala service learning. Ecotourism, tourism development. the moralisation of tourism studies, heritage studies, second language learning, service learning, community action research. interdisciplinary anthropology, chilam balam maya books, Mayan language studies, indigenous language revitalization.

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OSEA Ethnography Project Team Leaders / Internship Positions

Ethnography Project Team Leaders are Internship Positions modeled on Work Study. These are ideal for grad students wishing to gain experiential training in ethnographic fieldwork, methods and research design. Work study/internship allows students to gain a tuition reduction by contributing work to the OSEA field school while maintaining a focus on training and research.


OSEA seeks Grad Student Participants in Ethnography Field School
OSEA actively seeks grad students to participant in the Ethnography Field School. In order to facilitate this participation, OSEA offers intern staff positions that offer tuition reduction in exchange for "work study."

OSEA invites interested Grad students in anthropology or related fields to apply for intern positions as Ethnography Project Team Leaders. Grad Leaders receive the benefits of the ethnographic field training, while conducting their own research on topics related to their degree objectives. As Project Team Leaders grad students gain experience managing collaborative teams of undergrad field research. Responsibilities include mentoring, supervision, assessment, and management of research projects and student researchers; team leaders coordinate student research interest and projects; help students design and conduct research according to practical time-frames and to maintain discipline and rigor in their work; lead workshop forums for discussing fieldwork sucesses, frustrations, achievements, progress; and ensure that the students maintain OSEA standards of archival processing of research materials such as photographs, audio recordings, and video.



Eligibility Requirements

   ✔  Graduate student status in relevant field and discipline
   ✔  Fluency in Spanish, especially conversational speaking/listening; ACTFL High Intermediate or better
   ✔  Competency, special knowledge, skills, or practical experience in one or more research areas (or subareas) that fall within OSEA ethnographic research topics and issues
   ✔  Experience teaching undergraduates, whether as instructor of record or Teaching Assistant in charge of a section, or other relevant comparable work experience involving leading/managing students or participants in educational contexts or programs
   ✔  Skill in the effective use of an array of software programs -- for example, Excel, Acrobat, ACDSee Image management, Dreamweaver, Video editing; or, the motivation and commitment to use at advanced levels    ✔  Work Study and Staff Internship are only available in the full 6 week program



Commitment and Benefits

   ☒  Work Study Participant: Approximate total of 40-50 hours for tuition value of $800. Applicants must be commitment to 25 hours of work study prior to program start date, between March 10 and May 10 and 18-24 hours of work study during program (approximately 3-4 hours a week during six weeks). Time commitment allows participant to contribute a small amount of work during program compensated in tuition while being able to focus time in the training program
   ☒  Staff Internship Position: Approximate total of 40-50 hours for tuition value of $1100. Applicants must be commitment to 20 hours of work study prior to program start date, between March 10 and May 10 and 30 hours of work study during program (approximately 5-6 hours a week during six weeks). Staff Intern positions are ideal for those seeking a different kind of learning experience based on work in the administration of field study abroad.



Ethnography Project Coordinators—three (3) work study intern positions are open

Project Coordinators are assigned to one of the three OSEA Research Projects based on their application requests and areas of expertise and research interests:

Emergent Cultures/Rural Cosmopolitanism

Community Tourism

Health, Healing, Belief



OSEA welcomes candidates who work in areas such as sexualities and gender, new subjectivities in relation to technology, ethnography of smart technologies, identity performance, anthropology of food, narratives of healing, affect theory and the practice of health, social medicine, traditional healing, heritage politics, migration, archeological imaginary, ownership and performance of intangible heritage, community tourism development, marketing and representation, theatre, filmmaking and documentary video, art and art therapy, Spanish and comparative literature, global studies, commodities, space and meaning, youth cultures, psychological anthropology, personal crisis management.



Submit a letter of interest explaining qualifications, objectives, and desired professional outcomes, vita, and two letters of recommendation to Quetzil Castaneda, Applicants are also encouraged to submit additional materials for consideration. This can include unpublished or published papers; original syllabus of courses-- indicate whether they have been taught and if so where and when; evidence of skills, experience or mastery of research software (image management, web design, image editing programs, video editing, Excel, Illustrator, video conversion), technologies (photography, cinematography, filmmaking, performance art, scenography, theatre), and domains of relevant theoretical knowledge.




We seek grad students who are themselves training in ethnography while being able to lead a team of undergraduate students who are also learning how to do fieldwork. OSEA considers personal qualities such as positive outlook, drive, motivation, ability to socialize with diverse types of persons, and committment as highly valued criteria. We seek grad students who can create solutions to difficulties before "a concern" becomes an issue or problem.



SELT Teach English Program Coordinator Position
Due to conflicts in the calendar schedules of the Mexican and US educational systems, OSEA is no longer able to offer Teach English Service Learning involving community children.




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