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OSEA Travel Guide Yucatán & Maya Riviera

Cancun Travel Information

Cancun Overview + inclusive map view
Cancun Map of Downtown Areas near Bus
Cancun Airport and Bus Station (Terminal de Autobuses): Getting To/From
Cancun Hostels, Hotels, Food, Activities near Bus Terminal (Station): Suggestions
Map of Suggested Downtown Hostels, Hotels, and overnight Activities

"Cancun Tips" — Online Guide for Cancun & Playa del Carmen
"Yucatan Today" (arts and culture magazine for Merida & Yucatán)
"Loco Gringo" (Akumal and Tulum Tourist Guide)
Google Map of Cancun City

Cancun Airport shuttles from Playa del Carmen
Cancun Airport shuttles from Tulum



What is the Maya Riviera?
The Maya Riviera is the tourism development south of Cancun and includes the towns and destinations of Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. Technically outside the Maya Riviera are the destinations south of Tulum: the Sian Ka'an national park, archaeological site of Muyil, and the completely un-developed beach strip south of Tulum to Punta Allen, a well known fishing village. Further south near Chetumal and the border with Belize is the cruise ship destination of Mahaual, which is known as the "Costa Maya".

Note: "Mayan Riviera" is not the correct name of this region. The correct name is Maya Riviera (English) or Riviera Maya (Spanish).

To Learn more about the correct and incorrect uses of the word "Mayan" Click Here.


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