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The materials below are exclusively for OSEA Program Participants. Documents are in MS Word or PDF designed for download. All rights are reserved and all other use requires the written consent of OSEA



SELT Teach English Service Learning Resources

OSEA Maya Language Resources

OSEA Anthropology Handouts & Guides

MIRA Program 2005/2005—Multi-media Interdisciplinary Research in Anthropology
Course Program Books

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OSEA Handouts & Study Guides

1.0 Concepts of “Culture” & “Society
1.1 Anthropological Schools, from 1900s-1970s
1.2 Glossary of Key Terms in Anthropology
2.0 Theory Terms and Concepts
2.1 Status of Truth in Social Sciences
2.2. The Metaphysics of Baseball
2.3 Positivism: Natural vs. Human Sciences
2.4 Chicken or Egg Stories: On Metanarratives
3.2 Concepts of: Behavior, Action & Practice
3.1 Marcel Mauss & Theory of the Gift
3.3 Symbols, Metaphors, Tropes, Speech, & More
3.4 Guide to Victor Turner’s Theory of Symbolism
4.0 Genres of Analysis, Comparison of Approaches
5.0 Types of Feminisms
5.1 Semantic Field of the Concept of Gender
5.2 Film Study Guide: A Woman in Flames
5.3 Study Guide & Notes on Foucault
5.4 Study Guide to Mary Pratt, Imperial Eyes


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Miscellaneous Guides
Pre-Departure Reading Instructions & Course Preparation
-- Guide to Writing Fieldnotes & Archival Documentation
-- Guide to Body & Corporeality Focused Visual Documentation
-- Guide to Writing Ethnography
-- Guide to Structuring and Writing Research Proposals


MIRA2005 Program Book
Program Book Ch 1, Orientation
Program Book Ch 2 Logistics
Program Book Ch 3 Calendar
Program Book Ch 4 Courses, Syllabi
Program Book Ch 5 Coursework Daily Schedule
Program Book Ch 6 Final Portfolio Assignment
Program Book Ch 7 Writing Ethnography
Program Book All Chapters

MIRA2006 Program Course Book
01. Introduction
02. Calendar
03. Course Syllabus
04. Daily Schedule
05. Final Portfolio Assignment
06. Guide to Writing Ethnography

AAA Workbook for Tourism Workshop
Essay on Levi-Strauss in NYC
NY Times Article on Exhibit of 500 Years of Mayan Life



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