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Merida en Domingo  is an all day street party in downtown Merida every Saturday and all day Sunday


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Online Travel Guides & Sources for Cancun and Yucatan

Cancun Tips -- Online Guide for Cancun & Playa del Carmen

Yucatan Today -- Online Travel Guide for Merida & Yucatan

Yucatan -- Expat Travel Info and

Loco Gringo -- another expat travel agency and realty agent, for Maya Riviera and Tulum



Cancun Quick Stop Travel Information

Overview Map of Cancun Airport, Resort Zone, City
City Map of Cancun Showing Exit Points
Suggestions for Cancun Hotels & Activities
Map of Downtown Hotels/Nightlife
Google Map of Cancun City

OSEA participants typically fly in and out of Cancun when departure city is East Coast, the South, or Midwest. From Cancun airport you can buy an ADO First Class bus ticket to Merida, Playa del Carmen, Valladolid. Points west require a 40 pesos shuttle to the downtown bus station. There are plenty of good and cheap hostels in downtown Cancun. I strongly recommend Moloch Hostel and Suites for 3-star hotel premises at student hostel prices. This is REAL good bargain with pool, massive TV, community space for socializing and cooking. The hostel next to it, Mayan Hostel, is more of a hippie less frills, more naturale place. Check out the clientele you want to hang with. Great cheap taquerias are can be found in the nearby parks, Parque del Artesano and Parque de la Palapa. Further south in this same area is very nice Hostel Quetzal. If you are lucky there may be a concert in that park the night you are there. These two are the closest, most inexpensive options.

If you are sharing a room and want to splurge a little then try the Hotel Plaza Caribe directly in front of the bus station or the Hotel Cancun Rosa located on the side street between the Bus Station and Moloch

Merida Quick Stop Travel Information
How to Manuever Mérida Streets
Merida City Map on Google
Downtown Merida Google Map -- Zoomed In

Merida Airport Information. Travel TO Merida  


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