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Electronic Course Reserve and Program Materials

The materials below are exclusively for OSEA Program Participants. Documents are in MS Word or PDF designed for download. All rights are reserved and all other use requires the written consent of OSEA.


Payment Deadlines and Methods


Preparation Check List: What you Need To Do

1. Start your Passport application immediately! or renew your passport if necessary
2. Follow the OSEA Spanish Workout Routine: Find Spanish Conversation table to attend
3. Establish a 15 minute daily routine to practice Spanish & increase to 1-2 hrs before trip
4. Start Planning Trip: work out travel dates, airports, airfares, arrange travel with other osea participants
5. Research the equipment & supplies that you do not own -- e.g., camera, audio recorder
6. Make sure that you have Medical Insurance with all the required specifications
7. Do Program Prep Work & Course Reading in the areas of your research
8. Purchase all your Research Equipment, Software & Supplies; test drive all software & equipment
9. Practice living in humidy & heat -- avoid using air conditioning at all costs
10. Schedule Doctor Appt for Medical Release Form
11. Sign & Submit all Release forms by May 4. Get Notary Public and Doctor to sign forms
12. Make Final Tuition Payment(s) on time! May 4 due date
13. Get Summer Clothing & Personal Items

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Planning and Preparation Fieldwork
Information and Suggestions about buying research equipment, luggage, preparation for fieldwork, preparation for field work



Travel Planning and Preparation
Basic guide lines and information that you need to start planning your trip, including passports, visas, flights, hotels, and on-site ground transportation



OSEA Course and Program Materials
Field School Program books for previous seasons, including MIRA and Winter Study Abroad programs; syllabi, study guides, assignments, project descriptions and research guidelines/suggestions



OSEA Release Forms, Insurance, Safety
Check here for information about Release Forms, Passports, Visas, Medical Insurance


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Payment Deadline is May 4. Payment Methods

OSEA has simplified the payment schedule. All programs now have the same deadline: May 4 for the payment of all amounts due as specified in your OSEA Invoice. The OSEA Invoice is the ultimate and correct statement of the amount due and the invoice supersedes any discrepant information provided on any pages of the website. Please review the schedule of fees.

Payment of Balance: OSEA accepts check payments, personal or bank cashier’s check, for final payments. Extra fees must be added to any payment via PayPal. This can be as much as $300 additional cost for the use of PayPal. We accept direct Bank Wire, which are required in case of Late Payments. Late payments require Bank to Bank Direct Wire Transfer and must include the additional Late Fee and the Wire Handling Fee.

  • Payment options: http://www.osea-cite.org/apply/pay-options.php
  • Fees for PayPal: http://www.osea-cite.org/apply/pay-options.php#paypalfees
  • Fee Schedule: http://www.osea-cite.org/apply/schedule_of_fees.php
  • Cancellation Policy: http://www.osea-cite.org/apply/osea_cancellation_policy.php


Online Bank Bill Pay Service
Online Bank Bill Pay Service can be arranged with the OSEA Director with a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the deadline. This requires the private and secure communication of osea bank information to you and your setting up the bill payment on your online account. This requires an intial test payment of less than $1 ten days to two weeks prior to the payment due date to check accounts and verify the duration of the payment transfer.



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