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The materials below are exclusively for OSEA Program Participants. Documents are in MS Word or PDF designed for download. All rights are reserved and all other use requires the written consent of OSEA

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OSEA PDF Library and Readings -- this page is currently being updated/ reformatted!

Articles by Quetzil Castañeda

Articles by Juan Castillo Cocom

Chap. 1, "History of Piste"

Chap. 2, "Maya Superstitions & Customs"

Incidents of Travel in Chichén Itzá (ethnographic film about equinox and new age tourism. See 10 min. preview of documentary on YouTube. Review related YouTube videos on the Chichén Equinox.

Goldkind, Victor "Social Stratification in Chan Kom"
Goldkind, Victor "Class Conflict & Cacique: Chan Kom Revisited"
Strickon, Arnold "Hacienda & Plantation: Historical-Ecological Approach Folk-Urban Continnum"

Breglia, Lisa. "INAH & Heritage of Chichen"
Fischer, Ted "Cultural Logic of Maya Identity"
Hervik, Peter and Hilary Kahn, "Persistence of Mayaness"
Labrecque, Marie-France. "Cultural Appreciation & Economic Depreciation of Maya"

Kray, Christine. "Cancun New Social Movements"
Kray, Christine. "Pentecostals & Self in Yucatan"
Kray, Christine. "Pentecostals & Morality in Dzitnup"
Kray, Christine. Review of Chilam Balam of Na

Walker, Cameron. "Heritage Tourism in Maya Riviera"
Archaeological Heritage of Maya Riviera (Walker) and Heritage of Copan (Mortensen)

Ardren, Traci. "Ixchel Goddess, Popularizing the Past"
Ardren, Traci. "Gender Studies in Prehispanic Archaeology"
Ardren, Traci. "Yaxuna Archaeology: Middle Formative"
Ardren, Traci. "Conversations & Museums at Chunchucmil"

Restall, Matthew, Maya Ethnogenesis

Gabbert, Wolfgang, Of Friends and Foes:

Eiss, Paul, Deconstructing Patria in Alvarado's Project
Eiss, Paul, "The Virgin of Tetiz"
Eiss, Paul, "Constructing the Maya"

Fallaw, Ben, Federal Teachers & Maya Resistance in Chan Kom

Hostettler, Ueli Rethinking Ethnicity

Pitarch, Pedro "Zapatistas & Ventriloquism"

Caplan, Karen "Legal Revolution in Town Politics: Oaxaca & Yucatan"

Loewe, Ron "Yucatan's Dance of the Pig's Head"
Loewe, Ron "The Maya Uay K'ot"
Loewe, Ron "Loewe_Euphemisn_Yucatec_Identity"

Juarez, Ana "Maya Marriage among Cruzob Maya"
Juarez, Ana "Ecology, Tourism, & Inequality in Tulum"
Juarez, Ana "Maya Immigrants in Tulum, Q.Roo

Re Cruz, Alicia Maya Migrants in Cancun

Vivanco, Luis "Documenting Performance" (analysis of Incidents of Travel

Kahn, Hilary Review of RUINS, a "Fake" Documentary about Morley, Chichén Itzá, mimesis, authenticity and artwork

Ayora-Diaz, Steffan Igor. Imagining Indigenous Chiapas Medicine


AAA Workbook for Tourism Workshop
Essay on Levi-Strauss in NYC
NY Times Article on Exhibit of 500 Years of Mayan Life


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