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Map of Downtown Cancun Hostels & Hotels



Cancun Travel Information

Cancun Overview + inclusive map view
Cancun Map of Downtown Areas near Bus
Cancun Airport and Bus Station (Terminal de Autobuses): Getting To/From
Cancun Hostels, Hotels, Food, Activities near Bus Terminal (Station): Suggestions
Map of Suggested Downtown Hostels, Hotels, and overnight Activities


Hotels and Hostels

The H marks hotels. The hotels close to the Bus station on Av. Uxmal are not that nice, with the exception of Hotel Plaza Caribe, located directly in front of the ADO bus station. Hotel Cancun Rosa is also a modest but well maintained and clean hotel. The hotels on Av. Yaxchilan have heavy Mexican national tourism. This is also the street for Mexican tourism with good cheap restaurants serving Mexican not Yucatec food. This is a very very fun part of town. Highly recommended.

There are many hostels in Cancun city. Be careful about the distance to the Bus Station or the part of town where you want to hang in the evenings. The big streets are horrible for walking.

The best hostels are in the SM22 block. Look for Hostel Moloch and Hostel Quetzal. Moloch is excellent for location -- closest to the bus station and the Parque de las Palapas (SM22) -- and is essentially a 4 star hotel at hostel prices: great pool, kitchen, TV viewing area, library, marble floors, clean rooms. The Hostel Quetzal has great style and good socializing rooftop.


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Google Map of Cancun City


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