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Electronic Course Reserve and Program Materials

The materials below are exclusively for OSEA Program Participants. Documents are in MS Word or PDF designed for download. All rights are reserved and all other use requires the written consent of OSEA

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OSEA Library & Readings, sorted by Topic -- this page is currently being updated/ reformatted!

Articles by Quetzil Castañeda

Articles by Juan Castillo Cocom

Maya Identity and Identity Politics
Q. E. Castañeda, Introduction to Maya Identity of Yucatán
Matthew Restall, Maya Ethnogenesis
Wolfgang Gabbert, Of Friends and Foes:
Paul Eiss, Deconstructing Patria in Alvarado's Project
Ben Fallaw, Federal Teachers & Maya Resistance in Chan Kom
Juan Castillo Cocom, Lost in Mayaland
Ueli Hostettler, Rethinking Ethnicity
Pedro Pitarch, "Zapatistas & Ventriloquism"
Juan Castillo Cocom, Maya PRInces in YucaPAN

n.d. "Note on the Work of Heritage in the Age of Archaeological Reproduction." Chapter in L.Mortensen & J.Hollowell, eds., Archaeologies & Ethnographies. University of Florida Press. In press.
2002. "Postcolonial Toponymy: Writing Forward in Reverse." (on naming of Yucatàn) IN Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies: Travesia, vol. 11 (2): 119-134
2001. "Approaching Ruins: A Photo-Ethnographic Essay on the Busy Intersections of Chichén Itzá" IN Visual Anthropology Review vol 16(2): 43-70(4megs pdf)
(1994) An Archaeology of Tourist Landscape of Yucatán
n.d. "In Search of Simmel & Similar Adventures Among Ruins"


Maya Art, Anthropology of Art, Tourism Art
2004. "Art-Writing in the Modern Maya Art World of Chichén" IN American Ethnologist, vol. 31(1):21-42
2005. "Between Pure and Applied Research: Experimental Ethnography" IN NAPA Bulletin #23:87-118
2005. Community Collaboration and Ethnographic Intervention: Dialogues in the Piste Maya Art World. Practicing Anthropology, vol. 27(4):31-34.


History of Anthropology
2003. "Stocking's Historiography" (Boas, Gamio, Redfield) IN Critique of Anthropology, vol. 23(3): 235-262
2005. Carnegie Mission & Vision of Science: Institutional Contexts of Maya Archaeology & Espionage. IN R. Darnell & F. W. Gleach, eds. History of Anthropology Annual Vol.1, pp. 37-74.(2meg pdf)

Yucatec Maya Ethnography & History
2003. "New & Old Social Movements" IN Ethnohistory, vol. 50(4): 611-642 (Socio-Political History of Pisté)


Ethics in Anthropology and Archaeology
2006. Ethnography in the Forest: Ethics and Morals in Anthropology. Cultural Anthropology, vol. 21 (1): 121-145.
(2006). What is Ethical in Archaeology? An Analysis of Ethical Codes and Morals of Archaeology. American Anthropologist (unpublished ms/word doc)


Karen Caplan, "Legal Revolution in Town Politics: Oaxaca & Yucatan"

Maya Religion, Ritual, Culture, Spirituality
Ron Loewe. "Dance of the Pig's Head"
Ron Loewe."The Uay K'ot"
Paul Eiss, "The Virgin of Tetiz"
Ana Juarez, "Maya Marriage among Cruzob Maya"

Migration, Domestic and International

Ana Juarez, "Maya Immigrants in Tulum, Q.Roo
Alicia Re Cruz, Maya Migrants in Cancun

Reviews of the visual ethnography/video by Jeff Himpele & Castañeda,Incidents of Travel in Chichén Itzá
Luis Vivanco, "Documenting Performance"
Castañeda, n.d. "Equinox or Eclipse? Adventure-Traveling Among Maya Ruins"
Hilary Kahn's Review of the Fake Documentary, RUINS (about Morley and Chichén Itzá

Pisté Ethnography from the 1930s
Morris Steggerda, from MAYA INDIANS OF YUCATAN.
Chap. 1, "History of Piste" Chap. 2 Maya Superstitions & Customs

Ethnography, Fieldwork & Methodologies
2006. The Invisible Theatre of Ethnography: The Performative PRinciples of Fieldwork. Anthropological Quarterly, vol. 79 (1):75-104



Heritage, Archaeological


Heritage: Ecological, Biological, Medical

Ana Juarez, "Ecology, Tourism, & Inequality in Tulum"



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