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Schedule of Fees Intensive Spanish Courses

Registration Fee $75 Due at time of enrollment, deducted from total .Non-Refundable Registration Fee guarantees enrollment and place on roster. Applications are not complete without submission of Registration Fee. Cancellation by participant entails forfeiture of Registration Fee.

Rates for 2016

10 Day Intensive Spanish Course

Ten Day Course

(11 nights)

10 Day Intensive Spanish Program Tuition

Posada & Meals $300 $795 $300 $695


$250 $745 $250 $645

Course Materials
Participants are provided a coursebook which is used for instruction. In addition participants should consider purchasing on their own for their own individual personal use materials such as: 501 Spanish Verbs, Spanish-English Dictionary (pocket size), Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary Cheat Sheets, and similar handy resources that can be found at any university bookstore. Once enrolled participants are provided course materials, information on recommended materials that can be purchased, and a pre-departure "Spanish Workout Routine." This is a special OSEA designed preparation schedule that helps you maximize your learning experience during the Intensive Spanish program and helps you excel in gaining communicative fluency.

Enrollment Process for Intensive Spanish Immersion
Participants are accepted on a rolling, first come first serve basis. In order to guarantee enrollment a $50 non-refundable Deposit / Registration must be paid via Paypal upon completion of the Enrollment. Participants indicate on their preference for lodging and meal choice. 100% of balance must be submitted 4 weeks prior to start date of program or no later than May 20.

The Online Enrollment Form for Intensive Spanish Immersion accessible here.

Permanent Link to Online Spanish Enrollment Form

Deposit Registration Fee is $50 if paid by check or $53 if paid by Paypal. Instructions for payment are available on the Online Enrollment Form. This Deposit is the same amount whether you wish to participate in one or more weeks of Intensive Spanish.

OSEA Programs currently being offered:
7-Day Intensive Spanish Immersion Course
Heritage Ethnography Field School
Maya Immersion Language Field School
SELT Teaching English Service Language

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