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OSEA Field Study Abroad Programs in Mexico


Academic Credit for OSEA Training Programs


There are two ways you can obtain academic credit from the OSEA Programs.

· Participants can transfer OSEA Credits to their Home University or
· Participants can receive OSEA Credits directly on their home university transcript through a Concurrent Enrollment Agreement between your university and OSEA

Credit through Concurrent Enrollment
Concurrent Enrollment is possible through an agreement between OSEA and your home institution through the support of the anthropology department at your school. This arrangement must be made with at least 2-3 months in advance of the program start date. The time factor depends upon your home university. Typically the process to make this happen is initiated any time from the fall prior to the summer program.

Please follow this link for more details in setting this up prior to program start date.



Transferring OSEA Summer Credit

OSEA Partnership with Universidad Intercultural Cultural de Quintana Roo
OSEA was founded in 2003. For twelve years, OSEA has proudly partnered with the Facultad de Ciencias Antropológicas (FCA) of the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UAdY) for the university course Accreditation of all OSEA coursework and programs.

Beginning in 2016 OSEA has initiated a new partnership with the Universidad Intercultural Cultural de Quintana Roo (UIMQRoo). This partnership provides for the accreditation of all OSEA coursework and programs. OSEA participants receive a transcript from the UIMQRoo that is used to transfer credits to their home institution.

OSEA is a proud Partner of the Universidad Intercultural Cultural de Quintana Roo (UIMQRoo)


University Accreditation of OSEA Course Credits
The UIMQRoo is a university established by the Mexican federal government initiatives to provide higher education to Indigenous peoples of Mexico. It is a fully accredited and internationally respected university whose students are primarily non-traditional Maya students from the southern, Cruzob, region of Quintana Roo. The university is based in José María Morelos, Quintana Roo.

In addition, this partnership provides an important new opportunity of learning. Select UIMQRoo students are fully funded by OSEA to participate in a four week ethnography training program along side the US and other international students. This unique situation opens up not only academic learning experience but intercultural exchange and growth for both Maya UIMQRoo students and the traditional OSEA participants.

Transferring OSEA Credit
OSEA courses are accredited by the UIMQRoo which provides each student with an official transcript. The UIMQRoo is recognized throughout the US by universities and colleges, which facilitates transfer of your OSEA/UIMQRoo credits. You also receive an official OSEA transcript with its seal. Your transcript is mailed in an officially sealed envelope that must be delivered unopened directly to your university registrar and official administrator in charge of international credit transfer.

Upon completion of an OSEA program, you receive a package that contains one set of official transcripts -- one OSEA and one UIMQRoo. These are your copies to keep. You also receive in this package an signed and sealed envelope that contains a second set of identical, official transcripts. Although this envelope is addressed to you, do not open it but deliver it to your registrar unopened to your university registrar (typically the person responsible for validating and accepting transfer credits).

OSEA credits are based on contact hours in seminar contexts, experiential learning hours during structured non-classroom learning (e.g., field trips), and fieldwork research or field practicum activities. Please review the OSEA credit equivalency chart for details and feel free to share this information with your academic advisors.

Remember, OSEA’s advisors are always happy to advise on the proper transfer of the credits you will earn abroad.




OSEA Credit Hours — Course Credit Equivalency Chart





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