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OSEA Ethnography Field School 4 Week Program 2017
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Schedule of Fees and Payments All Fees are in US$
Click here to learn about OSEA Fees for Late Payment

APPLICATION Deadline & Fees

Early Decision Enrollment by January 20
Regular Enrollment deadline February 20

Late Enrollment until roster filled

Enrollment Fee: $35 by Paypal
Late Enrollment Fee: $45 by Paypal
Registration Deposit $300

Enrollment Fee and Registration Deposit are non-refundable.
Tuition Reduction is $300 for 4 Week Program

Notification of Acceptance within 5 days of receipt of the Complete Enrollment Package. Please review list of enrollment Materials

Enrollment is limited to 4 students per session.
Late enrollment applicants are accepted until roster is filled

Complete Application consists of:
⇒ Online Application Form
⇒ Online Letter of Recommendation Form
⇒ Transcripts sent by mail or as email attachment
⇒Online Spanish Self-Assessment Form
⇒Online Spanish Evaluation Form by 3rd Person
⇒ Application Fee of $35 via Paypal
⇒ Registration Fee of $300 by personal or cashier's check mailed to OSEA. This non-refundable check is only deposited when Applicant has been accepted into the program. If paid by Paypal an additional handling fee of $10 must added to the Registration Fee.


REGISTRATION FEE is Due at time of submission of Application:
Non-Refundable Registration Fee is an advance on tuition and Confirms Participation & Guarantees Enrollment.

Registration Payment(by check): $200
Make Check payable to: OSEA

Mail to: OSEA
2244 Martha Drive, Bloomington IN 47408

Registration Payment by Paypal $210
Send payment to

Check is not deposited & destroyed or Paypal payment is refunded, if applicant is not accepted



Early Enrollment Tuition................
Regular Enrollment Tuition............
Late Enrollment Tuition.................

Differed Partial Payment Plans Are Available through special request; Contact OSEA Director


Please review pay-options to ensure effective enrollment


Bank to Bank Bill Payment can be arranged for no Fee with two weeks advance set up or lead time.
Please contact OSEA Director Castañeda for options on creating a schedule of payment plan.

The Registration Fee is deducted from the total cost of Tuition and Fees. Registration Fee guarantees student participation. Please note that the lodging & meals fee may be adjusted by an amount of $40 to $80 at time of final billing due to dramatic change in the currency exchage rate of Mexican peso to the dollar between fall posting of rates and April billing. Thank you for your understanding.

Calculation of Final Payment

Regular Deadline and
Late Enrollment:

$2900 Tuition

Early Decision Enrollment
($200 Tuition Discount):

$2700 Tuition

Registration Deposit of $200 is advance payment of Tuition

$200 Credit $200 Credit


$2700 Balance

$2500 Balance

Posada Lodging (single room), Family Meals, and Program Fees

$1200 $950

Total Balance Due
(Posada Option)

$2650 $2450




$1700 Balance


$1500 Balance

Homestay and Program Fees



Total Balance Due
(Homestay Option)




LATE FEES Direct Wire Transfer Deposit is required for all Late Payments

Late Fee on Payment of Balance: $40
If paid within three (3) calendar days past of due date.

Direct Wire Transfer Deposit is required for all Late Payments for an additional fee charge

Additional Late Fee charges of $40 per every additional three calendar days late in the payment of full balance in order to maintain enrollment

Instructions for Direct Wire Transfer -- Click Here

Payment of Late Balance must include the Late Fees and the Direct Wire Deposit Fee.
Please reviews fees for OSEA Pay-Options

In cases of lack of timely payment of balance, OSEA assumes that the applicant has chosen to cancel participation and forfeit their non-refundable Registration Fee and any other payments that have been made up to that point. Please review OSEA Cancellation Policy for details

If the lack of timely payment according to this official schedule is due to extraordinary and contingent circumstances related to the disbursement of grants or other emergency factors, waivers of Late Fees can be requested in advance of due date. Please contact OSEA Director Quetzil Castañeda, if such a siutation presents itself. Please keep OSEA informed on the timeline of your expected receipt of a grant upon which your participation is dependent. Thank you!



OSEA Payment Methods — students have several payment options

OSEA Deferred Payment Plan — for students waiting for Financial Aid or funds from Scholarships, Fellowships or Grants


OSEA Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy





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