OSEA Payment Options. OSEA Schedule of Fees for Summer Field Study Abroad Programs in Interdisciplinary Cultural Anthropology. TESL, Teaching English Service Learning, Ethnography of Archaeology, Heritge Ethnography, Tourism Studies, Intensive Maya Language Immersion, Learn Maya, teaching Maya as a second language acquisition, Mexico. Quetzil Castaneda is the founding director of OSEA the Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology. Specialist in Maya language, archaeological tourism and heritage, ethnographic methods, experimental ethnography and experimental fieldwork.

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OSEA Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy


Cancellation defined by OSEA:

Cancellation is defined as a participant initiated determination to no longer participate in the OSEA program in which they have been accepted. Cancellation before May 10 does not require the payment of any additional fee. Any payments made prior to May 10 are eligible for refund with the exception of the Non-Refundable Application Fee and the Non-Refundable Registration Fee.

Cancellations received by OSEA between May 10 and May 15, are charged a $900 Cancellation Fee on any refunds of payments of Program Costs, regardless when those payments were made.

In order to be eligible for a refund for any payments that have been made at that time, the participant must submit a formal letter of Withdrawal by May 15 to the OSEA Director Dr. Quetzil Castañeda by email. Please review the amount of refund available and the amount of the Withdrawal and Cancellation Fees below.


Withdrawal defined by OSEA:

Withdrawal from OSEA Program occurs when an accepted OSEA participant in any OSEA Program no longer wishes to attend the program (that is, cancels their participation) and is ineligible to receive a refund because the refund/cancellation period has ended. In all cases of any participant in any OSEA summer program, the last date to cancel participation from OSEA is May 15. After May 15 all cancellations are defined as Withdrawals and are not eligible for the refund of any amount paid to OSEA for Program Costs as indicated in the OSEA Invoice.

Cancellations made after May 15 are considered a Withdrawal from OSEA and thus there are no refunds of any amount after May 15.

In the case of Withdrawal, the Cancellation Fee is 100% of all payments that have been made to date.

No transcript is provided any student that Withdraws from an OSEA Program regardless of the reason or when the participant Withdraws.


Non-Refundable Fees

Under no circumstances, situations or conditions are the Application Fee and the Registration-Deposit Fee refundable. The Application and the Registration Deposit Fees for all OSEA Programs are Non-Refundable. The Cancellation Fee is Non-Refundable.


Dismissal, Suspension, Expulsion

OSEA defines dismissal, explusion and suspension as equivalent processes in which the OSEA participant is no longer permitted to participate in the OSEA Program, inclucing seminars, workshops, access to OSEA Teaching and Research Facility, OSEA institutional partners, OSEA Researchers and Teaching Associates, and must remove themselves from the OSEA provided lodging in a Homestay Family or Posada. OSEA reserves the right to suspend the participation of any person in an OSEA Program when said Participant does not and has not abided by the OSEA Norms of Expections of Behavior as provided to all Accepted OSEA Participants prior to the Orientation Meeting held during the first week of March.

In any and all circumstances, situations and conditions of Dismissal, Suspension, or Explusion from OSEA Program, the participant is not eligible for any refund or reimbursement whatsover of any payments to OSEA. Expelled or Dismissed Participants are not provided any transcrips. Suspended students may receive a transcript under special conditions and request.


LATE FEES (If payment is not received on date indicated in schedule of fees)

If a payment is not received on the due date, then the OSEA Registrar automatically de-activates the participant's place in program roster. OSEA charges an Enrollment Re-Activation Fee if participants wish to reclaim their place in the program roster and participate in the program.

Registration Fee is paid at time of Enrollment and is not refundable

Enrollment Re-Activation Fee: $75
This amount is added to the total balance

In order to process the Re-Activation, participants must add the amount of this Fee plus $35 for a Direct Wire Transfer to the total amount due and arrange for this amount to be wired to the OSEA bank. The participant assumes all costs for bank to bank wire transfer.
Additional late fees of 2% of the amount due are assessed every 7 days payment is late after initial due date has been passed.


Withdrawal from Program after May 15 is not eligible for refund of any amount of program costs.



Cancellation or Withdrawal by participant requires a written notification of the decision to withdraw from the program. In those cases when a partial reimbursement of the payment of balance of costs is applicable, these are not processed until after August 30 of the calendar year in question. Processing normally takes 3 weeks in those cases in which there is an amount to be refunded. The amount of the reimbursement is based on the date of notification of Cancellation or Withdrawal.

Cancellation Fee = there is no cancellation fee. However, the Non-Refundable Registration Fee and the Non-Refundable Application Fee are non-refundable.

Cancellation Fee = $900 This amount is deducted from any payments before issuing any eligible refunds.

Cancellation Fee = 100% of all payments of program costs, including all tuition, program fees, meals, and lodging.

If Cancellation or Withdrawal is received prior to the payment of Invoice Balance on or before May 10

If Cancellation is received before May 15

If Cancellation is received on or after May 15 and before the program end date.


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