OSEA Payment Options. OSEA Schedule of Fees for Summer Field Study Abroad Programs in Interdisciplinary Cultural Anthropology. TESL, Teaching English Service Learning, Ethnography of Archaeology, Heritge Ethnography, Tourism Studies, Intensive Maya Language Immersion, Learn Maya, teaching Maya as a second language acquisition, Mexico. Quetzil Castaneda is the founding director of OSEA the Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology. Specialist in Maya language, archaeological tourism and heritage, ethnographic methods, experimental ethnography and experimental fieldwork.

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OSEA Schedule of Fees Ethnography
This schedule of fees applies to persons enrolling in the 6 week Ethnography Field School with any area of research focus,

Schedule of Fees for Summer 2017 and Summer 2018
All fees must be paid or received in US dollars.



Early Decision Application Fee: $35
Accepted from Dec. 20 to Jan 20

Acceptance Letters are emailed within 5 business days of receipt of complete application package

Applicants are encouraged to investigate Financial Aid and summer research/travel grants through their home university as early as possible

Benefits of Early Decision Enrollment:
Early Decision Applicants receive
$300 Tuition Reduction (deducted from balance paid on May 4)

Early Decision Enrollment must include all forms, transcripts, recommendations.

1. OSEA Main Enrollment Form
2. OSEA Homestay Form
3. OSEA Spanish Self Assessment Form
4. OSEA Instructor Evaluation of Spanish
5. Unofficial University Transcripts
6. OSEA Letter of Recommendation Form

7. Early Decision Enrollment Fee of $35 paid via Paypal to quetzil@osea-cite.org

8. Non-Refundable Registration Deposit
→ Pay $300 check sent by overnight mail
→ Paypal payment of $320
→ Popmoney.com payment of $301

Regular APPLICATION and Late Enrollment Deadline & Fees

Regular Application. Feb 20

Application Enrollment Fee: $40 by Paypal
Regular Enrollment Deadline February 20
Applications and Acceptance Lettersare processed within 3-5 days.

Non-Refundable Registration Deposit of $300 must be submitted within 5 business days after receipt of Acceptance Letter.

Non-Refundable Registration Deposit
→ Pay $300 by check sent overnight mail
→ Paypal payment of $320
→ Popmoney.com payment of $301

The Registration Deposit Confirms Your Participation and Guarantees Enrollment

Late Enrollment

Late Enrollment Fee: $50 by Paypal
Late Applications are accepted starting Feb 28 until roster is filled.

Contact quetzil@osea-cite.org to confirm availability.

Late Applications must include:
1) Late Application Fee of $45 (payment via Paypal) and
2) Non-Refundable Registration Deposit
→ Pay $300 check sent by overnight mail
→ Paypal payment of $320
→ Popmoney.com payment of $301

program costs include homestay lodging & meals

Early Decision Enrollment ...
Regular Enrollment ............
Late Enrollment .................

Differed Partial Payment Plans Are Available through special request; Contact OSEA Director

Balance: $2,700 -- total of $3000
Balance: $3,000 -- total of $3300
Balance: $3,000 -- total of $3300

1. Payment of the above amounts if paid by personal or cashier's check
2. Additional service fee of $130 to payment if paying via Paypal
3. Advance arrangement of 7 days is required to make a Bank to Bank Bill Payment for no Fee.
4. Please add $20 service fee to the amount if you wish make a Direct Wire Transfer from a US bank. $45 from a non US bank.

LATE FEES on Late Payments of Registration and Balance


Failure to make a payment due date is considered a student initiated cancellation of participation and OSEA no longer guarantees availability in the program.

Direct Wire Transfer Deposit is required for all Late Payments and must be arranged via telephone

To reverse a student cancellation caused by Late Payment requires the payment of a Late Payment Fee in order to reverse student cancellation from Program. This must be paid in addition to the amount due:

→ $50 Fee for Late Registration Deposit.
→ $75 on the Payment of Balance on May 4

All Late Payments must be paid using a Direct Bank Wire Transfer or an electronic payment through Paypal.



OSEA Payment Options — students have several payment options

OSEA Deferred Payment Plan — for students waiting for Financial Aid or funds from Scholarships, Fellowships or Grants


OSEA Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy


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