OSEA Payment Options. OSEA Schedule of Fees for Summer Field Study Abroad Programs in Interdisciplinary Cultural Anthropology. TESL, Teaching English Service Learning, Ethnography of Archaeology, Heritge Ethnography, Tourism Studies, Intensive Maya Language Immersion, Learn Maya, teaching Maya as a second language acquisition, Mexico. Quetzil Castaneda is the founding director of OSEA the Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology. Specialist in Maya language, archaeological tourism and heritage, ethnographic methods, experimental ethnography and experimental fieldwork.

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OSEA Payment Options

           ⇒Zelle — OSEA preferred method
           ⇒Popmoney or Venmo but not PayPal
           ⇒Personal Checks (not accepted after May 10)
           ⇒Cashier Checks (not accepted after May 15)
           ⇒Direct Wire Transfer (required after May 20)
           ⇒Your Bank's online bill payment service (non-Zelle)


OSEA strongly encourages the use of Zelle as primary payment method
Check, your own banks' Online Bill Payment service to make your payments. Balance is Due in full on May 10

Late Applicants who complete enrollment materials before April 25 must submit the Non-Refundable Registration Fee to complete enrollment.

Late Applicants who complete enrollment materials after April 30 must submit payment of balance of all costs on May 10 or within seven days of Late Acceptance.


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Personal and Cashier's Check Payments
Checks are recommended for Registration Fees and payment of Balance
Please make checks payable to “OSEA”.
You will receive a receipt via email for each payment submitted by check.

Payments should be mailed to:
      2244 Martha Street
      Bloomington, IN 47408

Checks that are lost in the mail, stolen, delivered late, or delivered to a different address are the responsibility of the participant. Late Payments caused by late arrival or missing checks accrue late fees. In addition, lost checks or checks sent to an incorrect address, may create a situation requiring the use of other payment methods.
Checks without funds are returned and charged an additional fee of $30. Payment must then be delivered in all subsequent occassions through online methods or direct wire transfers.

 Payments of Registration Fee and Balance of Payment with personal or bank Check is always accepted without fee


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Direct Bank Wire Transfers
Bank to Bank Wire Transfers are same day deposits if sent from a US bank. Direct Wire Transfer is available for an additional flat service fee of $25 per deposit, regardless of the amount, if made from a US bank. You must make a telephone arrangement with the OSEA Director to receive the correct banking information to set up the payment. This must be one day in advance of domestic wires, 5 business days for foreign bank transfers.

If you send payment from a foreign bank you must ensure that the amount received is in US dollars at the required amount plus a wire transfer fee of $45. Your bank will also directly charge you a fee for the wire. The amount that is received must take into account the correct foreign exchange rates such that the amount RECEIVED is equal the full amount of the total due include all tuition, program fees, late fees, bank handling fees, and foreign exchange commissions.

Wire deposits require prior arrangement with OSEA’s Director, Quetzil Castañeda, by telephone.

For more information on Bank to Bank Direct Wire Transfers, click here.


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Your Own Bank's (non-Zelle) Online Banking Bill Payment Service

Participants have the option to set up a bill payment via their own personal Online Banking Services for bill payments. This requires 14 days advance arrangement for your bank to establish the connection with the OSEA bank. Thus this requires making a secure private phone communication with the OSEA Director in order to provide you with the OSEA bank information that is required.

There are no additional fees for this type of payment from your online banking bill pay services.



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"Send TO" Instructions for Zelle, Venmo, Popmoney

Use “quetzil@osea-cite.org” as the recipient.
Use message space to communicate any specific instructions.

PopMoney or Venmo

OSEA is now accepting the use of PopMoney and Venmo for payments. These services are similar to PayPal, but has much lower sending and receiving fees. You need to set up your account so that you can make payments with your debit card or from your bank account. Setting up your bank with popmoney takes 7-10 days. You must arrange this ahead of time to not be charged late fees.

PopMoney charges less than $1 for each amount of money sent regardless of the amount up to a maximum of $2000 US .For most OSEA program costs, participants will have to make two payments. OSEA does not charge any additional handling or service fee for the use of Popmoney.com There is a 30 day maximum limit of amount of $5000 that can be sent from your bank account.

Popmoney is ideal for payment if your bank does not have Zelle fees and the balance of payment. Due to PopMoney limits on the amount that can be sent in one day, the payment of the balance of tuition and fees would require two payments made over a two day period. PopMoney would therefore charge you $2.



As of Feb 27, 2023 OSEA no longer accepts Paypal for any payment. Please use Zelle, Popmoney, or Venmo.


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