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OSEA Calendar: Maya Immersion Program

Intensive Maya Language Immersion Program is primarily for students a high motivation to learn Maya in immersion context. Our enrollment is limited to a maximum of four students each summer. Typically we have only one or two students in any given summer. This allows for greater flexibility in the designing of a learning program that is tailored to your needs. The OSEA Maya language program is a six week program. Students with FLAS grants are required by their grant stipulations to maintain a program of 5 days a week for a minimum of 6 weeks. Students without FLAS grant obligations can structure a more flexible calendar that also fits the overall OSEA program calendars.

Participants discuss with the OSEA director to define beginning and ending dates in order to find the most suitable calendar. The learning program is based on 5 days a week, with variable 4-7 hours a day of inclass instruction with the OSEA staff. Maya language instructors include Edy Dzidz (Lic. in Culture and Language, UIMQRoo 2013) who is a trained native speaker instructor, and Dr. Castañeda, a self-taught Advanced Maya speaker (ACTFL Assessment) who has been teaching and developing Maya language pedagogy since 2007. Depending on the time schedule defined in dialog with the OSEA Director, participation in the Maya program may include brief overnight trips to Maya communities in the Cruzob Maya region of Tusik and Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo

The Maya Immersion Program can be structured to best fit the individual needs of student participants. Through discussion between participants and OSEA Staff, we create a calendar of a six, seven or eight week program that fits your needs. Start and End dates can be selected within a span of an 8 week period. A program must be a minimum of six weeks to satisify FLAS grant rules. However, a longer period can be accomodated to allow for a short recession in the middle of the program to allow participants to do preliminary research trips to locations such as archives in Merida, or Maya commmunities.

Arrival Day Arrival by 12pm on-site in Posada Olalde
Orientation Meeting at 1pm and Group Dinner
Ethnographic Arrival Assignment
Week 1 Seminars
Maya Language, Ethnographic Methods and Anthropology Seminar

Field Trips

Shopping for Hammocks

Week 2 Seminars
Maya Language, Ethnographic Methods and Anthropology Seminar
Ethnography Research
Week 3 Seminars
Maya Language, Ethnographic Methods and Anthropology Seminar

Ethnography Research

Week 4

Maya Language, Ethnographic Methods and Anthropology of Heritage

Long Weekend Break

Week 5 Ethnography Workshops
(student focused discussions of their successes and frustrations in their research process)
Ethnography Research
Week 6

Ethnography Workshop &
Writing Up Student Ethnography, including lab work to prepare research portfolio & write-up ethnography

Ethnography Reesarch

Writing Up Research Project

Day of Departure

Final Program Day

Final Group Meeting and De-Briefing

Departures FROM Pisté AFTER 1pm
[Calculate 3hrs minimum to get to Cancun Airport by Taxi or 2hrs to get to Merida Airport by Taxi]

Completion of Student Portfolios and Submission of Final Projects

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