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OSEA Winter 2005 Course Offerings

Course Level Credits Hours
Seminar in Anthropology: Contemporary Maya Peoples, Cultures and Histories 300/600 3 24 classroom
22 Experiential
Seminar in Anthropology: Culture Concepts and Theories 400/600 1 15 classroom
Seminar in Ethnography: Ethnographic Fieldwork Methods & Research 400/600 3 38 classroom
Fieldwork Research Seminar: Fieldwork Forum and Ethnographic Research 400/600 6 24 classroom
96+ Field Work
Spoken Spanish for Ethnographic Fieldwork
(Required, can be waived with fluency demonstrated on-site)
100/200/300 2 25 classroom
15+ Experiential
Spoken Maya for Ethnographic Fieldwork
(Intermediate & Advanced Yucatec Maya are also available)
100 1 15 classroom
18+ Experiential
Total Credit Hours Available   16  
OSEA Course Credits are equivalent to standard course credits offered at US institutions of higher education, whether quarter or semester system. Each OSEA course credit should be transferable at a 1:1 ratio of credits equivalent to the credits at student’s home university or college.

See credit hour equivalency chart