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Winter Quarter Program
Study Abroad/Exchange Application Information for WWU Students

"Concurrent enrollment" offers students the opportunity to retain full time student status, financial aid (amount dependent upon award; note some exclusions may apply), plus other benefits, including receiving course credit direct on your WWU transcript. WWU students must file a Study Abroad/Exchange Application with International Programs & Exchange to receive these benefits.

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Terms Offered

Winter Quarter 2005, 2006, 2007
Type of Program

Study Abroad in Yucatán, México
Classroom Seminars and
On-Site Interactive Learning Practicums
Supervised Independent Research

Eligibility Requirements Undergrads: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
Graduate students
Area of Study Requirements Any field of social science or humanities with cultural studies focus [especially Anthropology and Latin American Studies; Sociology; Art, Design, Journalism; Theatre; Museum Studies; English, Comparative Literature; History; Hospitality; TESL] Instruction in Spanish and English Subjects Inter-disciplinary research in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnographic Methods, M»xico, Indigenous Peoples, Development, Tourism, Archaeological Heritage Management, Maya Healing and Medicine, Migration, Urbanism, Youth Culture, Multi-Media Research, Anthropology of Art
Housing Home Stays with Bi-Lingual Spanish and Yucatec Maya Families
Locations Mérida, Pisté, and Chichén Itzá in the state of Yucatán, México
Educational trips to Archaeological heritage sites & Maya Riviera
OSEA Courses “Seminar in Maya Anthropology”
“Seminar on Culture Concepts and Theories”
“Seminar on Ethnographic Research and Fieldwork Methods”
“Fieldwork Forum for Independent Research”
“Speaking Spanish and Yucatec Maya for Ethnographic Research”
WWU Credits 18 quarter credits are received direct on WWU Transcripts
WWU Course Equivalents

Information pending from WWU Anthropology Dept.

Contact: Prof. James Loucky, WWU Anthropology

Student Status

Study Abroad/Exchange Application allows you to retain your full time student status, financial aid (amounts depend upon award; some exclusions apply), plus other benefits, including course credit received direct on WWU transcript.

See WWU-IPE for details on these and other benefits

WWU-IPE Fees WWU Students pay $185 Concurrent Enrollment Fee plus a $58 Non-Refundable Fee direct to the WWU-IPE Office with your application

OSEA Application Forms should be sent to OSEA

Separate Study Abroad/Exchange Application Forms are sent to WWU-IPE


OSEA Deadline for Early Applicants is November 15, 2004

One time special deadline of November 15, 2004 for WWU students applying for WWU-IPE Study Abroad/Exchange to participate in OSEA Winter 2005
(deadline for 2006 is October 15, 2005)

Contact:; phone – 360/650-7627

Contact Dr. Quetzil Castañeda, Director, OSEA
email & website