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Contemporary Maya Peoples, Cultures and Histories
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Seminar in Ethnography
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Spoken Spanish and Maya for Ethnographic Fieldwork

OSEA Winter Quarter Seminar in Fieldwork Languages
Spoken Spanish and Maya for Ethnographic Fieldwork

These two courses provide students with the required language foundations by which to participate in the international ethnography training program. Fluency in Spanish is mandatory for the conduct of ethnographic fieldwork. Students can have the course waived if fluency can be demonstrated on-site in Yucatán. The basic core elements of Yucatec Maya is necessary for students to learn in order to attain the highest level of acceptance in the community and to create a personally rewarding environment in which students can excel in their achievements. Students learn salutations and a basic set of interactive dialogues that comprise everyday life encounters. Students can opt for this course to be audited as they choose; nonetheless, all students are expected to learn basic greetings and dialogues. Students with some previous language proficiency in Maya can take an intermediate or advanced course as they choose. The Spanish course is taught at undergraduate level and is also offered at the graduate level. Both courses have classroom and experiential learning components.

Spanish textbook, TBA.

Recommended Books for Spanish
· The Book of Spanish Verbs — 501 Spanish Verbs or 701 Spanish Verbs
· Spanish-English Dictionary (pocket size)
· Spanish plastic crib sheet available at university bookstores everywhere

Maya language books and materials
available in course packet forms on site at cost.
Learning Spoken Maya Audio Cassettes are available on-site in Pisté.

Optional Suggested Reading (copies are available to read in OSEA Library)
· Bill Hanks, Referential Practice. (This book is written by a Maya linguist who discusses the cultural grammar and linguistic syntax of the use of Maya as a spoken practice. Large sections are difficult reading for the non-specialist, but it would be an important sourcebook for advanced students wanting to learn fluency in spoken Maya.)
· Spoken Yucatec Maya Maya Lesson Book (textbook and audio tapes lessons 1-6) plus handout materials for grammar, dictionary lists, and related materials.