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OSEA Travel to Guide Yucatán and Maya Riviera

How to Get to Pisté from Valladolid

If you take an ADO bus from Cancun or Playa del Carmen to Valladolid, you will then need to take either 2nd Class Oriente Bus or a Piste Shuttle to Piste. Get your ticket for the Oriente bus in the ADO bus station. See map. Second class buses travel hourly on schedule, the taxi shuttle runs every 20-30 minutes. If the van gets full with 10 persons then it rolls.

There are two Piste Taxi shuttle services between Piste and Valladolid. Both are same price. They are both located within 1 minute walking distance of the ADO bus. They can also take you directly to OSEA or to Posada Olalde if you ask the driver to drop you. Offer 5 or 10 pesos. It is worth it to save walking with luggage.

Piste Shuttle between Valladolid and Piste

When you exit the bus, you are shuttled out the front of the Bus Station. Exist the bus station and turn right. At the first street turn right again. Walk half way down the street. You will notice that you are walking behind the bus station where the buss entered to dock. When you get to the end of the bus station, cross the street and look for the shuttle buses or vans (they are called combi, and hold a max of 16 persons generally). You should see a little white sign that says "Pisté" This is the combi/van/shuttle that you want. Peek you head in and ask for the driver and departure time. The van is parked in front of a store that sells refrigerators, stoves and the like.

The cost is $30 pesos or so. Feel free to strike up a conversation and let them know why and where you are going!

If you arrive after the last departure, then you have two options: hire a cab for $150 pesos/$15 US or try to find a second class bus from Valladolid (same bus station) to Pisté. If you arrive between 9:30/ and 12midnight, the vans have left and you may have to wait for a bus. thus, a taxi does not seem so bad!


Locate the Piste Shuttle and Valladolid Bus Station

Piste - Valladolid is a 30-40 min drive. You can easily take a second class bus for 20-30 mxn or $2-3 US or take a Shuttle for the same amount for 30-40 mxn. The Second Class bus goes every hour in either direction.

Search results give you hostels in Valladolid that have indicated they are "close" to the bus station!!! The bus station is located on Carretera 180 WEST bound on the CORNER with Calle 46. If you look at the google map right below, the bus station is actually located just above (north) of the written words "Carretera 180" that is located two blocks west of the downtown zocalo.

To find the bus station in Valladolid please use the link below:
Locate the Valladolid Bus Station or Terminal de Autobuses on Google Maps

View Larger Map
View Larger Map View Larger Map

The image on the left shows the entrance to the Bus Station. On exiting the station, turn left and go two blocks to get to the downtown or zocalo. Outside the bus directly to the left is a coffee shop that has decent coffee from a machine and sandwiches. Its a nice place to hang while waiting for a bus.


FUTV Piste Taxi. Piste-Valladolid Shuttle #1.

The Pisté Shuttle is located very close to the bus station. This shuttle runs roughly every 30-40 minutes in either direction until 7pm. The Piste Shuttle passes by Chichén Itzá and if you want to stop there just ask the driver. The Shuttle is a 12-14 passenger van and has direct service between Valladolid and Pisté

Piste Shuttle FUTV Taxi. If you exit the bus station from the front door, then you turn right. Walk 10 feet to the corner and turn right again on Calle 46 (you walk against traffic heading north). On your right you will walk past the back side or bus docking side of the bus station. You can also exit the bus station on this side onto Calle 46. Walk NORTH against traffic. Stay on the right side until you see the buildings convert into a parking lot. Across the street you can see stores "Papeleria Zaci" and "Consultorio Medico" on the left hand side across the street from the parking lot. Enter the parking lot and look for the drivers of the white vans that are parked there. Ask anyone sitting there if they know when the van leaves.

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UNTRAC Piste Taxi. Piste-Valladolid Shuttle #2

Head out the front door of the ADO bus station and turn left. Walk past a few stores, including SQUIMZ coffee shop which is a good place for a coffee quick meal and watching the futbol game while waiting for a bus, and past the Farmacias Similares. There is a big green car opening to enter into a parking lot. this is the second piste taxi shuttle location. The taxi drivers have a uniform. White shirts and green pants as you can see in the google maps image street view below.


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