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Aerial view of Cancun Hotel Zone

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Merida en Domingo  is an all day street party in downtown Merida every Saturday and all day Sunday


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The social heart of Cancun city for local folks has traditionally been the parks located in SM22. This is the park where all sorts of public, free concerts, events, festivals happen. This is normal life here, not the image of frenzied sex, sand and night club tourism you see in the news

There are several hotels, hostels, restaurants, churches, and things to do here. This is local life at its best. It is the easiest walk to the Bus Station (marked in green hightlight). The market seems close, but those are very long blocks and the Cancun traffic is nasty -- worse than Houston and not anything like an east coast walking city such as NYC or Boston.

The downtown night life is centered on two areas. One area that is more for Mexican national tourism and locals are the bars and restaurants on Ave. Yaxchilan (area in fuschia) and the US-International tourism is centered on the area in dark orange on Ave. Tulum. This is a moderate, not frenzied nightlife.

If you want frenzy, glitzy, spring break-Ibiza style night life then grab a cab and head to the convention center area of the Hotel Zone. But this is high octane stuff with all the brand name clubs, restaurants, fishbowl scenes, etc.



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