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Getting to OSEA once you arrive in Pisté!

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Locate OSEA, OXXO, Posada Olalde and other landmarks in Pisté on Google Maps
Walking Instructions from the OXXO Convenient Store

Arrival in Pisté, Getting Dropped off at Pisté Bus Station in Zocalo (downtown).
Take the street directly in front of the town hall, or Palacio, and walk south. You will walk past the kindergarten school on your right and the market building on your left. This street (Called 10) is caddy-corner from the Presbyterian Evangelical "church" or Templo. Walk down this street past four blocks and then turn to the RIGHT (see map). Walk to the middle of the block. On the right or north side of the street you will see the OSEA Headquarters or the "treehouse."

Stand at the gate and announce yourself -- say hello in Maya; shout hello. This is the cultural norm to say/shout hello at the gate. Wait a minute until someone answers you. If 2 minutes go by, shout again, "Quetzil! Buenos dias/tardes!" Someone will welcome you.

Note the street address is Calle 19 betwen Calles 10 and 12, Pisté, Yucatán, México. However, there are no street signs in Piste and no one knows the number/names of the streets in any case. If you have any doubts as to where to go, ask anyone who looks local (cab driver, artisan vender, store clerk, or in the cyber cafe or at the Posada Olalde) and ask them where Quetzil lives. If they do not know, ask someone else. Do not be shy. A wohel tu'ux yaan u nahil Quetzil'?


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As of 2012, there is now only ONE ADO Bus Station in Pisté. It is located in the downtown area; just to the east of the Eben-Ezer Templo in the google map below. To locate the bus station, stay at street level and go forward toward the oncoming white car. It is past the building painted in yellow (now painted a different color and operating as the TELMEX cell phone store). The ADO bus station is painted in white with clear signage.

The Street view below is the southeast corner of downtown Piste. If you scroll left you see the Eben-Ezer Templo (pentecostal church), across the street to the south (right) is the Comision de Emergencia. Scroll around 180 degrees to see the red car head into the zocalo or k'iiwik (downtown square). Take the road to the right of the Comission. (This street has that big green highway sign and there is a guy in a yellow shirt riding a bike). Walk four short blocks and turn right at the fourth intersection (after the molino or tortilleria). Walk half a block and you will see OSEA on the north or right side of the street.


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Getting to OSEA and Posada Olalde from OXXO

From the OXXO walk toward downtown (away from Chichén). After about 20 yards you come to the first intersection turn LEFT (south). On the north side of the street is "Artesanias Juquilta" (two story building) and the Pollos Asados. The building on the corner is now painted with "Bobochi" (not Abarrotes Gabi). On this corner is a store that has painted on it "bobochi". Go past the first intersectio. On the wall to the left you will see sign for Posada Olalde. Keep walking. Walk past the posada and turn right. Go past the four way intersectionand then you will see OSEA.


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OSEA is called the TreeHouse because from the gate, the house looks like it is in the tree of the front yard. Welcome!


New Bus Drop off and Boarding Area in Piste. Zoom in down the street to get closer. The drop-off/boarding area is at that point where the road splits and there is a little island with grass. During the day street venders are all over that island. (January 2015)

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