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OSEA Travel to Guide Yucatán and Maya Riviera

Getting To Pisté By Bus. Hours can vary slightly by season.

Arrival by Bus in Pisté: As of 2014, there is only one bus station in Piste. It is located downtown, half block east of the square; more or less in front of the new 2 story Market painted in pastel orange. The drop off and boarding area for all busses is located approximately 20 yards east where there is a small fork in the road with a green median area.

Pisté Bus Stop: In the image below, the view is toward the east (direction of Chichen Itza) and the white van is parked in the bus and shuttle stop point. The downtown or square of piste is located behind the camera position.


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Always check for Piste and for Chichen Itza on online bus schedules.
Always check for Piste and for Chichen Itza on online bus schedules. At the counter ask for Piste and Chichen Itza as destinations. Verify whether it is ADO 1st Class or Oriente 2nd Class bus.

Online Schedule for ADO First Class www.ado.com.mx

Online Schedule for Oriente and ADO 1st & 2nd class buess: http://www.ticketbus.com.mx/

See screen shots below of standard schedule. Specific times will vary within an hour due to different volume and travel seasons



How do I Check for bus service to/from Pisté and Chichen Itza?
Go to the www.ado.com.mx website to check for first class service. Depending on where you want to go, you will need to use either "Piste" or "Chichen Itza" in the flip down menu. For example Cancun buses dont go to Piste they go to Chichen Itza and Merida buses go to both Piste and Chichen Itza. In other words, if you end up with no bus service in your search for the schedule try a different name location! There are buses in and out of Piste and Chichen Itza EVERYDAY of the year from every major location on the entire Peninsula.

Bus service from Pisté and Chichen Itza to Mérida
From Pisté you can get 2nd class Oriente buses every hour to Merida (1.5 hours away) or to Valladolid (50 mins). The first bus toward Merida is 6am, the last one is 1pm. The first bus toward Cancun is 7am and the last one is about 3am. There are two First class ADO buses from Piste/Chichen to Merida. One is at about 2:15pm the othe at 5:15. These are for tourists leaving Chichen for Merida, but you can board the bus in Piste at either bus station (downtown or by Hotel Piramide Inn). Buy your ticket early because the tourists will not buy them until the last minute.

Bus service from Pisté and Chichen Itza to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum
From Pisté to Cancun there are 2 direct 1st class buses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The bus from Pisté to Playa del Carmen stops in Tulum, but there is another bus that just goes to Tulum. These have afternoon routes but also a late 1am bus to Tulum/Playa is available for early a.m. arrival on the beach. Taxi service from Pisté to Mérida is approximately 800 pesos. To Valladolid approximately 700 and to Cancun airport about 1500 pesos.

How do I get to OSEA Once I arrive in Pisté?
See Map of Piste for instructions to OSEA and to Posada Olalde

The Bus Schedule TO Piste on ADO is listed below

From Mérida

From Cancun

From Tulum check schedule at www.ado.com.mx


From Playa del Carmen check schedule at www.ado.com.mx

Where do I go once in Pisté? See Maya of Piste and Instructions for Getting to Posada Olalde and OSEA Headquarters -- the TreeHouse



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