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OSEA-CITE: Ethnography of the Future/Interdisciplinary Cultural Anthropology/Study Abroad

Ethnography Writer’s Workshop

Escape the routine and everyday obligations to complete your writing goals at the
OSEA Workshop in Mérida, Yucatán, México.

For Graduate Students, Professors and Professionals

About the Workshop
The OSEA Ethnography Writer’s Workshop is a unique opportunity for sustained and engaged reading, editing and constructive commentary on your writing by colleagues and experts dedicated to helping you realize your publication goals in a small group setting. Each participant brings to the workshop their own project and the goal of producing a publishable manuscript as a journal article, book chapter, conference presentation, research proposal, report, or other similar product. Participants reside in the OSEA Miraflores Research Center where they are provided accommodations for writing and holding small seminars. Seminars are designed as forums for each participant to present their writing project to the group in order to exchange ideas and to receive constructive commentary. The seminars and group forums encourage the development of personal, individual exchange between participants.

Workshop Overview
–The Writer’s Workshop is a program designed for scholars to work on their writing projects in ethnography;
– OSEA provides the intellectual ambiance for workshop participants to dedicate their energies to writing, revising, and finalizing their writing projects;
– Participants exchange critical, constructive commentary on each other’s work to improve and develop their research and to attain their writing objectives;
– OSEA staff provides individualized, one-on-one constructive commentary and advising on writing including strategies for writing, publishing, and planning research;
– Participation is primarily based on Resident Participants but can accommodate non-residents
OSEA Workshop is scheduled for June of each year. Specific dates vary; and
– Normal participation is for 3-4 weeks, special projects and shorter periods can be accommodated.

Linda and Patricia – June 2004