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OSEA-CITE: Ethnography of the Future/Interdisciplinary Cultural Anthropology/Study Abroad

Logistics & Lodging

Workshop is limited to 6 Resident Participants and 4 Non-Resident Participants. Non-Resident participation is limited and dependent upon availability.

Participants reside in the OSEA Miraflores Research Center, additional lodging maybe arranged for special circumstances. Single & double rooms available with triple room rate available upon request (ask for rates). Participants sleep in traditional Yucatec hammocks that are provided for each participant and included in the Program cost. If desired, rooms with bed can be arranged at additional cost.

Hamacas or Hammocks (and Beds) For sleeping, everyone in Yucatán uses hammocks as these are very, very comfortable, light, breezy, and provide a cool, refreshing sleep. The hammock is perfect for the climate and whether you naturally move around a lot in your sleep or do not, one easily adapts to the pleasure and comforts of a true, authentic Yucatec hammock. Beds are not appropriate for the climate due to the amount of heat that these absorb during the day. Beds & bedding can be provided with prior arrangment at an additional cost.

OSEA provides each resident with their own colorfully hand-woven hammock. There are many different kinds and qualities of hammocks. Differences in size, weight, weave, material, patterns, and techniques create a pricing that ranges from US $15 to $100. This range reflects real differences. For example, hammocks that are sold in the tourist market of Yucatán or that are commercially available in the USA are products that are not made for use as a bed-substitute for sleeping at night. For this reason we recommend that you do not bring a hammock and that you do not buy a hammock on your own from any tourist vender that you may encounter in a store or in the streets. Hammocks made for tourists are “toy” hamacas, colorful and cheap souvenirs, that will cause back pains and problems if used to sleep on nightly basis. OSEA provides hammocks that are purchased directly from a Maya family in Tixkokob, the “capital” of the industry. These are of finest quality and guaranteed to provide you satisfaction.

All meals during the week & weekend brunch are included for Residents and follow the traditional Yucatec menu.
Breakfast: coffee, juice, breads, yoghurt, beans, eggs, fruit, and cereal.
Lunch (main meal): traditional Yucatec food that includes tortillas, rice, black beans, a main dish (either “dry” or wet – sauce-based or a stew) plus the appropriate condiments.
Dinner: light meals

OSEA provides coffee and a range of tea for participants. Coffee drinkers can enjoy dark roasted brew from the Melitta system as well as espresso and capuchinos from espresso machines.

Vegetarian and most other special diets can be easily accommodated. Applicants with specific food restrictions should communicate with OSEA before applying to ensure their needs can be met.

Technical Facilities
Telephone, internet, computer lab with two PC laptops, one color inkjet printer, one B&W inkjet printer, 100 Mb Zip Drives, CD-Burner.

Language Requirements
English. Spanish is not required to participate in the Workshop

Regional Excursions
Weekends can be used for brief excursions to Maya archaeological sites, cultural heritage destinations and other recreational sites such as beaches, caves, and underground cenotes. Participants have the option of organizing their own independent excursions or enlisting the specialist knowledge of OSEA to have Dr. Castañeda organize and guide weekend trips. With decades of experience living and conducting research in Yucatán, the OSEA staff can help you design and organize any trip you wish as well as provide you with the highest quality, professional tour guides. An extended three or four day weekend will be scheduled for the second or third week of the Workshop. The precise date will be determined by group concensus.

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