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Is the Workshop for Me?

A Broad Definition of Ethnography: Fieldwork and Representations
Ethnographies are representations of cultural communities, forms, and processes. Ethnographies are traditionally speaking written texts, but they can also exist in other forms of visual media and documentation – such as art, video, photography, music, and performance. One of OSEA’ goals are to explore multiple media as tools to both trigger or elicit information and experiences as well as to document the pedagogical and investigative experiments; in short, we seek to expand the modes of documenting the ethnographic processes of fieldwork, but by acknowledging that our use of these tools as triggers also made them a part of the subject of our study.

Workshops Support Participants Research
Based on the particular needs and interests of the participants, Dr. Castañeda provides custom designed workshops for the participants on issues such as the following:
• ethnographic genres;
• representation;
• publishing strategies;
• writing for different audiences and venues;
• the transformation of research materials into publications;
• how to review journal manuscripts;
• how to respond to reviews of your manuscript; and
• related topics based on participant interest

AApplicants are requested to specify on the application form which, if any, of these are of interest to the potential participant. This information allows the overall workshop to be tailored to the participant's needs.

Fields of Study
Any culture-centered discipline in the Social Sciences or Humanities, including Anthropology, Cultural Studies, History, Sociology, Latin American Studies, Postcolonial Studies, American/Ethnic Studies, Latino Studies — in all geographic areas and theoretical frameworks.