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OSEA-CITE: Ethnography of the Future/Interdisciplinary Cultural Anthropology/Study Abroad
Workshop Structure & Dynamics

In this intellectual ambience, the OSEA Director, Dr. Quetzil Castañeda, provides each participant one-on-one assistance to help you develop, improve, and bring your writing project to successful completion. The OSEA staff provides individualized feedback, commentary, and editorial advice for each participant. Individual, one-on-one discussions with participants about projects are combined with the editing and proofing of successive drafts of manuscripts.

Each group forum consists of brief presentations of the work accomplished, including the problems and successes of writing. This is followed by an extended commentary by one or more participants and staff and an open forum of discussion on the manuscript. The precise time allotments are dependent upon the determination of the grou and are based on variables related to the specific needs of the participants.

For Forum discussion, one participant will be designated the primary commentator for each presenter. This person will be responsible for closely reading the manuscript and starting the discussion. A system of rotation will be devised so that each participant can benefit from the focused assistance of all the other participants. OSEA staff function as Forum facilitators and will be responsible for guiding the discussion.

Where possible each participant is requested to provide OSEA with a working manuscript in advance of the workshop. OSEA distributes these to all the other participants so that WE may ALL read each other’s work prior to arrival in Mérida. This will allow us to make the most of our time at the initiation of the workshop.