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OSEA Lodging and Meals
The SELT Project was initiated in 1997 as a 3 year program. In 2010 OSEA inaugurates a renewed and updated Teaching English Service Learning Program

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Lodging and Meals
SELT participants reside in the Posada Olalde, a small family run hotel owned by Victor Olalde. Victor has been a long time friend and collaborator of OSEA. Victor is a licensed tour guide at Chichen and a self-taugh polyglot in English and German, and for a while he was learning Japanese! He has more than a decade working with international visitors and has often assisted Dr. Castañ as student liaison, excursion leader, and cultural guide. He is an excellent host and always a friend to visitors and travelers. Locate Posada Olalde on google maps


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The Posada Olalde manifests Victor's understanding of the needs, interests, and motives of international visitors. The Posada has a set of large, modern rooms and a set of traditional Maya palapas or bungalows (appropriately modernized!) that are organized around a pair of gardeens. Participants can share a double or opt for a single at higher cost, and can choose between either the modernized palapa/bungalow or the traditional modern room. In addition participants will have access to a room converted to a group study area with internet access.

The morning breakfast is taken in the Posada Olalde. Lunch, the main meal, is taken at the Restaurant Chichén Itzá which is run by Doña Goya, a long time friend of OSEA. Light dinners are also served here in the evening or at one of the family run loncherias in the town center (k'iiwik), such as Fabiola's. There is an OXXO, i.e., a 24-hour convenient store, for late most last minute needs, including a few minutes of air conditioning. Additional food, drinks, snacks are covered out of pocket.

Maya Family Run Restaurants in Pisté
Restaurant Chichén Itzá: Nearly 25 years ago, OSEA founder, Quetzil Castañeda began eating at the Restaurant Chichen Itza in Piste. He is long time friend of Doña Goya and el difunto Don Claudio Puc. Don Claudio and el difunto Don Rach Olalde, Victor's Father, were close friends and leaders of the Piste political struggle to become an independent municipio in 1989-91 (see Castañeda 2005). For decades now Quetzil has been bringing student groups and colleagues, such as 2005 Wenner Gren Conference participants, to Doña Goya and her sons, Wilbur and Luis, who help her run the business.

SELT students in the 1990s program ate at Fabiolas Loncheria, in the Arcos of k'iiwiko' (downtown) Pisté. Fabiola has been operating a little restaurant in the western corner of the Arcos arcade of stores. Although the menus is basic, the food is clean, cheap, location is great and open-air. Doña Goya has a more complete menu and can prepare most any special orders.

There is an OXXO, i.e., a 24-hour convenient store, for late most last minute needs, including a few minutes of air conditioning. At night, many residents open up their taco, hamburger, or hot dog carts in the center of town or many side streets. During the morning the center of town is packed with venders of cochinita pibil (overnight oven roasted pig) and fresh squeezed fruit drinks.

Pisté School System
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Immersion and Home-Stays
Learn more about Immersion and Homestays in Pisté and the Greater Pisté Region

Pisté and the Greater Pisté Region
Learn more about Pisté and the Greater Pisté Region, home to OSEA

Chichén Itzá
Learn more about Chichén Itzá, World Heritage Site and one of the Modern Seven Wonders of the World

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