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OSEA Field School, MIRA Project 2005
Multimedia Interdisciplinary Research in Anthropology
collaborative and comparative study of tourism destinations and cultures

Selections from Student Evaluations, OSEA Summer Field School 2005 - The MIRA Project

Facilities and Lodging
Educational Experience
Personal and Intercultural Experience

Overall Program Structure.
Evaluation Question: "Comment on the overall structure of the program, specifically in terms of providing you structured guidance and flexibility to accommodate your specific interests and needs."

Participant #1.
The program had a very flexible structure, always tailored to our wants and needs, which worked great for getting our research done. We had a lot of freedom which was nice, seminars answered our questions and then we could go out and do what we needed to do in terms of our field work focus.

Participant #2.
I loved the freedom we got. It made it easier (at least for me) to stay focused. It allowed me to work at my own pace, which I greatly appreciated. I think this was good because we all worked at our own speed and weren't slowed down or forced along while trying to wait or speed up to stay with the group. Even though I was working more independently, I always felt like I had the professor there to answer any questions that might arise. Email proved to be a very useful tool.

Participant #3.
I thought the overall structure of the program was extremely accommodating to a variety of learning and working styles. It fit my more informal, improvisational, and experimental learning and working style perfectly. I think we all had very different needs and styles of working, and there was space for everyone, we helped each other and collaborated and gave helpful suggestions despite those differences. That was proof to me that the structure was well-suited for the program, at least with our group of participants.

Participant #4.
There was enough flexibility in the program to accommodate specific interests and to allow students to chose the type of focus and style of their project.

Participant #5.
It should be clearer to applicants how much spending money they should be prepared to use. The suggested amount was not enough at all for the amount of time we spent in Yucatan, what with weekend food and lodging, and transportation. Thanks for a great summer!!

Participant #6.
Overall I think there needs to be more time to relax, costs should be clearly stated, and creativity should be allowed when it comes to writing the paper. Other than that the facilities were great, the accommodations were wonderful, and the seminars were very educational and applicable to our fieldwork above all. Thank you Quetzil for making this one of the best summers ever.

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Facilities and Lodging
Educational Experience
Personal and Intercultural Experience