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Summer Field School in Ethnography
MIRA: Multimedia Interdisciplinary Research in Anthropology
A collaborative and comparative study of tourism destinations and cultures

MIRA Research Agenda
The project design is based on the innovative combination of specific pedagogical and research agendas. The project faculty will be providing hands-on training to selected graduate and undergraduate students. The primary objective of this program and project is to provide student participants with the opportunity to gain intensive, on-site fieldwork training in ethnography and cultural anthropology and develop new skills in interdisciplinary research methodologies as they relate to anthropology, art, design, and related areas including cultural studies. Specifically, the students learn through interactive participation, discovery, observation, interviewing, multi-media documentation, analysis, critical thinking, and invention.

The project faculty have designed an umbrella research agenda that details specific possible projects from which students have the opportunity to select their own investigations. These include the investigation of specific events, places, and interactions/dynamics at the chosen program sites. Students will work individually and in groups. Student research and learning projects contribute to an on-going multi-media ethnography of the region. Evaluation of student performance is based on engagement and accomplishment and include completed analytical and descriptive works that aim toward publishable quality and dissemination among diverse audiences.

The program will be flexible while retaining a structure for hands-on, interactive and collaborative learning. Students will have the opportunity to explore topics and mediums of interest in the first person while working in small groups in an environment of cultural immersion.

Street scenes in Playa del Carmen