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OSEA Field School, MIRA Project 2005
Multimedia Interdisciplinary Research in Anthropology
A collaborative and comparative study of tourism destinations and cultures

Selections from student evaluations

Selection of Images from MIRA 2004 to 2006

Jenna's Ethnography of Street Venders
Aimee's Ethnography
Tanya & Mallika's Ethnography of the Dance of Tourism Desires
Sergio's Ethnography of Performativity of Mayaness
Devon's Visual Ethnography of Tourism Experience

The images above and to the left are from Merida en Domingo on July 25, 2004. This is a street festival that is held every Sunday in the main square or zocalo of Mérida. Every last Sunday of the month there is a special 2-hour dance with 2 bands playing classic Cuban music of the 40's-50's, danzon, mambo, and more. This couple is the king and queen of the dance -- they form part of a group of regulars that you can see dancing every Tuesdays nights in Santiago Park to Cuban danzon, Saturdays on Calle 60 to salsa, and Sundays in the Zocalo to cumbia. (photo Quetzil Castañeda)