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The Open School of Ethnography & Anthropology(OSEA) and
Community Institute of Transcultural Exchange (CITE)

Our Mission
  • To provide training to individuals and communities in the ethnography of the future; and
  • To promote the innovative development and application of this ethnography as a means for the improvement of individual and collective life-worlds.
Our Goals
  • To bring anthropology, as well as related fields of cultural studies, into the hands of those that have been considered the primary subjects to be studied so that these persons and groups may master, control, and use these tools, methods, and knowledge in the pursuit of their own agendas;
  • To foment reciprocal educational processes and mutually productive interaction between the diverse communities of researchers, students, social groups, and cultures that meet in transcultural encounters;
  • To prepare students in degree programs in cultural anthropology and related human science fields, as well as professionals, community groups, and other interested individuals, with hands-on, on-site, intensive training in ethnographic research that further professional advancement, personal growth, and collective goals; and
  • To increase the prosperity, well-being, achievement, tranquility, self-determination, and positive valorization of sociocultural communities that are located in or that have been forced into the political, economic, and sociocultural margins of today’s globally interactive humanity.