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Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board has the function of providing academic and other operational advise and proposals in the areas of academic, research, and educational activities. A primary task of the AAB is the formulation of policy, procedure, and criteria in the area of academic accreditation of relevant programs and activities. The AAB is therefore mandated to: establish guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards and criteria of evaluation in all matters in the area of accreditation, subject to the discussion and approval of the Board of Directors; determine policy, procedure, and criteria for a “hands-off” internal review by members of the Academic Advisory and Accreditation Board; determine policy, practices and procedures as well as of qualified agents for the realization of external review for purposes of accreditation; and provide interface with and communicative links to the professional associations of anthropology, especially including the American Anthropology Association and the Society for Applied Anthropology.

Juan Castillo Cocom
Co-Founder and co-director, OSEA (2003–2004)
Professor of Anthropology
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, México

Ben W. Fallaw
Assistant Professor of History and Latin American Studies
Colby College

Betty Faust
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Edward F. Fischer
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director, Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies
Vanderbilt University
web profile:

Patricia Fortuny de Loret de Mola
Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores Antropologia Social
Mérida, México
CIESAS web profile

Joy Logan
Professor of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas
Spanish Division
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Allan Maca
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Colgate University
web profile: at Colgate, also see PAPAC

Jennifer Mathews
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Trinity University

Anne Pyburn
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director, Indiana University Center for Archaeology in the Public Interest Indiana University
web profile:

Tim Wallace
Associate Professor of Anthropology
North Carolina State University
web profile:

Geoff White
Professor of Anthropology
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Richard Wilk
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Chair, Anthropology Department
Indiana University
web profile: