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Seminar with Dr. Juan Castillo Cocom
, OSEA co-founder.
January 2005: Participants worked with Dr. Juan Castillo Cocom to learn about and discuss indigenity and ethnicity in Yucatán. Dr. Cocom is currently a visiting professor in anthropology at University of California Berkeley. Read Dr. Cocom’s highly regarded analyses Maya identity politics in Critique of Anthropology, UCB Kroeber Papers, JLACA and his co-edited book, Estrategias Identitarias

Anna D.–grad staff (NYU), Jennifer T.–grad staff (UConn), Jessica L. (UWashington) and Juan Castillo Cocom.

Juan Castillo Cocom and Isabella S. (UMichigan)

Juan Castillo Cocom, Isabella S. (UMichigan) and Alicia D. (UWashington)

Danyelle T. (UWashington)
Alicia D. (UWashington)

Art work by Loro Kituc Tuz (Man emerging from Flower), Old Ixchel Goddess, and the Rain God Chac in Mayapan (Incensario).