Our Mission & Goals
Our Principles & Methods
Our History
The Open School of Ethnography & Anthropology (OSEA) and
Community Institute of Transcultural Exchange (CITE)

We Value and hold as our Fundamental Principles
  • self-responsibility and care for others as the foundation of ethical action;
  • respect of oneself and respect of other’s autonomy and self-determination;
  • ethical communication between persons and groups;
  • community building in the interface of global interactions;
  • local control of community cultural, social and natural resources; and
  • inter-cultural exchange and transcultural dynamics as the basic processes of identity formation, self-respect, and ethical care for others.

Our Strategies of Teaching and Methods of Actualization
  • on-site language learning, cultural immersion and exchange in a study abroad format;
  • hands-on interactive pedagogies, training workshops, reciprocal education processes;
  • individual as well as collective research; independent and collaborative research;
  • joint, inter-institutional projects in research, teaching, training, and communication;
  • action research and applied anthropologies, consultancy;
  • teaching anthropology to children and community groups, as well as the development of continuing education programs in response to community needs; and
  • cultural resource management, sustainable development analysis.