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OSEA Emerging Scholars Research Conference, 2011

Conference Details and Concept

OSEA is now soliciting papers for the 2011 Emerging Scholars Research Conference.  OSEA seeks papers from emerging scholars, i.e., persons who are currently writing their master’s thesis or dissertation and have completed substantial fieldwork toward  their advanced degree or who have recently completed their degree. This conference is organized to show case this current generation of doctoral and masters level researchers whose work is grounded in ethnographic fieldwork and focused questions related to the greater Yucatán region and/or the Maya.  Priority is given to cultural and sociocultural anthropologists. Those with related disciplinary affiliations or degrees but whose research is based in ethnography, in part or in whole, are encouraged to apply. 

There is no set conference theme or specific issues. The open focus aims to encourage the widest participation among the emergent generation of scholars of Maya/Yucatán. Selection will be based on the merits of each proposal and availability of the written paper for publication in an edited volume. Shared themes and issues will emerge organically and will be used to help determine potential publication projects that are to be derived from the research conference.

Submission Deadline.   Proposals for papers and requests for screening ethnographic film are accepted through to February 16, 2011. Proposals are evaluated and confirmations of acceptance are communicated by February 28.

Dates and Conference Structure.  The conference is to be conducted over three or four days starting July 13.  Exact dates are determined following competitive review of submissions.  The conference is limited to 12-15 presentations.  Each talk will be 40 minutes with a brief critical commentary by another presenter and a short discussion period.  Each conference day will consist of 6-7 talks, an unstructured open “roundtable” discussion of a designated topic, and the screening of ethnographic film. 

Scheduled time to visit Chichén Itzá and the community of Pisté, as well as to engage in unstructured, informal networking with conference participants is built into the conference objectives.

Ethnographic Film.  The research conference includes screening of ethnographic and documentary film related to the contemporary Maya of any region (e.g., Chiapas, Guatemala) including contexts of transnational migration.  Priority in selection for screening is given to films that are related to Yucatán and to films produced by presenters.

Anthropological filmmakers who are not presenting formal papers at the conference but who wish to screen their film or film project to the conference participants are encouraged to submit requests.  Film projects still in post-production can receive extended commentary and discussion in this context.

Location, Registration Fee, and Lodging. The conference is held at OSEA in Pisté, Yucatán.  A registration fee of $50 US is charged to cover reception and expenses. Meals are out of pocket. Assistance is provided each participant in arranging appropriate lodging in Pisté hotels or posadas.  Excellent lodging is available for approximately 250-300 pesos a night per person (single) at the Posada Olalde, Pisté. Shared rooms up to four per room are available. In addition, there will be limited no-to-low cost housing in the traditional Yucatec Maya style of slinging your hammock in a living room with 2-5 other persons.

Paper Proposal Form (use this form to propose a paper and a film screening)

Request to Screen Ethnographic Film (use this form if you only wish to screen a film)

2011 Emerging Scholars Research Conference: Details, Objectives, Eligibility

2011 Emerging Scholars Research Conference Schedule
TBA after Selection of papers and films, estimated February 28, 2011

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