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Preparation for Fieldwork & Travel
Money and Banks (Overview)
Research Equipment and Supplies
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Bags for Carrying Fieldwork Equipment
Sleeping in Hammocks, Sleepwear

Exchange Rates, Use of ATMs & Cash

How to Carry Your Research Equipment and Supplies

You should also bring a fourth bag in addition to your 3 pieces of luggage. But dont pack this fourth one for the flight. Instead throw this into the large suitcase and use it once you get into your routine. This bag should an every day bag in which you can carry your field research equipment. On any given day you may need to carry with you: • A fieldnote book, with pens/pencil • a digital or film still camera, with additional batteries and memory chips (or rolls of film) • digital audio recorder, with extra batteries with an optional external microphone • a video camcorder, with extra batteries and extra memory card/chips, disks, tapes, or similar depending of course on the type of camcorder you have; an optional external microphone or a WIFI micophrone system • your mexican cell phone, for maintaining in communication with OSEA staff • A liter bottle of water, glasses/glass case, essential meds, packets of E-mergenC, small flashlight, matches/lighter, or other miscellaneous personal items you need to carry around with you during your normal daily routine. Although it is excessively unfashionable and definitively old school, you may want to get some type of “belt buddy” or cases (walkman, CDplayer, cell, gps, camera, etc.) that adhere to belt, pants, shirt, or clothing. These are handy for multiple purposes (batteries, chips, recorders, phones, etc.) A brief case is similarly inappropriate for fieldwork. For some you, your everyday school back pack me do the job, maybe not. Personally, in 100 degree fahrenheit I cannot tolerate wearing a backpack all day. Consider purchasing one or more camera, cellphone, or tote bag thingies that can go on your back, on your belt, around your neck, around your nose. You will need pockets and separators for your various kinds of extra batteries, cameras, memory chips/cards, flashdrives, etc. Ultimately it is your choice on what makes you feel dashing and debonaire as well as exceptional light, practical, and efficient.