Faculty. Sustainable Community Tourism is an Indiana University IU Service Learning Program in Yucatan. Indiana University Bloomington taught by Quetzil Castaneda / Heritage Service Learning Field Study Abroad / Summer Study Abroad / Heritage Development Studies, Tourism Studies. Field School. Field Study Abroad. Mexico. community action research, participatory research, participatory anthropology, New Seven Wonders of the World. Mexico, Chichen Itza. Yokdzonot Cenote, Maya Wellness Center. Yokdzonot Eco-Adventure, Responsible Tourism, Ethical Travel, Alternative Tourism in Yucatan,

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              IU Community Tourism Service Learning in Yucatán

6 week course Summer Session, 6 credits

LTAM L-426 / L-526, Offered Through IUB Office of Overseas Study,Indiana University Bloomington

Combined Undergraduate & Graduate course



Quetzil Castañeda, Program Director
Dr. Castañeda is a Lecturer in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Indiana University. He teaches inter-disciplinary courses in humanities and social science that build on analysis of film, discourse, myth, texts, and representation. His courses focus on tourism, Maya language and culture, ethnography, and international service learning.

Quetzil has been doing research in Maya Yucatan since 1985 and brings decades of hands on knowledge about the region to bring students an exciting opportunity for intensive experiential learning. Further, Quetzil has thirteen years experience creating and directing field study abroad programs in Mexico. The IU Service Learning course is a special course developed for IU students engaged in international studies, service learning, community development and tourism.

Edy Dzidz, Program Assistant, Research Assistant, and Community Liaison
Edy, a cultural anthropologist, is from Quintana Roo. He is a bilingual Maya and Spanish speaker who has self-taught in English. Edy completed his BA in 2013 and now works in OSEA as Assistant Director, Maya Instructor, and Ethnography Field Assistant. He brings a unique combination of exceptional academic training and indigenous knowledge to bear in his role as community liaison, research assistant and student supervisor in the IU International Service Learning course in Yucatan.

IU Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, and Student Liaison, 2015
Julian Carrillo, Ph.D. student in Anthropology at Indiana University. Julian researches issues of cultural heritage and the politics of traditional culture in Oaxaca. He joins the team with significant teaching experience as graduate assistant in IUB courses, including service learning, latino/a studies and anthropology.



Academic Profile: Quetzil Castañeda
Quetzil E. Castañeda (Ph.D. 1991, Anthropology, University at Albany, SUNY) works on the intersections of tourism, anthropology, archaeology, and indigenous communities.  His book In the Museum of Maya Culture (University of Minnesota Press, 1996) is a landmark in the study of tourism, heritage and the ethnography of archaeology.  With Jeff Himpele (Princeton), he co-produced the first ethnographic film treatment of New Age spiritualism and pilgrimage.  This film, Incidents of Travel in Chichén Itzá, has received awards at the Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival and participated in the Margaret Mead Film Festival. Castañeda has also collaborated with historians, sociologists, art historians, and archaeologists in research and publications on anthropology of art, Indigenous identity politics, history of archaeology.  In the 1990s Castañeda developed an alternative theory and practice of experimental ethnography in the context of research and training field school program in the communities near Chichén Itzá, México. He continues to pioneer innovative ethnography methods and theoretical conceptions of fieldwork as in his current development of ethnographic methods tailored for use in and as part of archaeological research.  His recent publications include articles on ethics,  indigenous rights and neoliberal tourism, activist anthropology, and heritage.  As participant in the international project on the Boasian, Castañeda is the volume editor on the Boas correspondence with Mexican colleagues.

Academic Profile: Edy Dzidz
Edy completed his BA or Licienciatura Thesis in August 2013. His thesis is an ethnographic and historical study of memory in the town of Tusik, Quintana Roo. His project was a Community Action Research project in Anthropology in which he worked with the elders of the community of Tusik to recreate new and old memories among community members. 2010- 2013, Licenciatura  (BA) en Lengua y Cultura, Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo. Edy;s Licienciatura Thesis is titled, "Recuerdos para Olvidar: Antropólogos en el Tusik del Siglo XX".


Students work directly with Community Cooperatives & Self-Help groups to create Sustainable Tourism to IncreaseBenefits for Local Communities

This is a service learning and field study course in which students live and work among Indigenous Maya communities located near the UNESCO World Heritage site and 7 Wonder of the World, Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, México and hours from the Maya Riviera.

Ideal for students in: International Studies, Environmental Studies, Heritage, Social Media Marketing, Anthropology, Public Policy, Non-Profit & Non-Governmental Organizations, Indigenous Rights, Tourism, Spanish, Latin American Studies, Sustainability, Design


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This Service Learning experience will make THE difference in your life

Visitors to Service Learning in Yucatan Program, starting November 2, 2014

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