Calendar Sustainable Community Tourism in the Maya communities of Chichen Itza & Piste / Sustainable Community Tourism is an Indiana University IU Service Learning Program in Yucatan. Indiana University Bloomington taught by Quetzil Castaneda / Heritage Service Learning Field Study Abroad / Summer Study Abroad / Heritage Development Studies, Tourism Studies. Field School. Field Study Abroad. Mexico. community action research, participatory research, participatory anthropology, New Seven Wonders of the World. Mexico, Chichen Itza. Yokdzonot Cenote, Maya Wellness Center. Yokdzonot Eco-Adventure, Responsible Tourism, Ethical Travel, Alternative Tourism in Yucatan

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Community Tourism, Marketing & Development”:

              IU Service Learning in Yucatán

6 week course Summer Session, 6 credits

LTAM L-426 / L-526, Offered Through IUB Office of Overseas Study,Indiana University Bloomington

Combined Undergraduate & Graduate course



Program Schedule and Calendar



2016 Weekly Schedule:    Summary of Activities


Pre-Course Orientation Meeting
Held during week AFTER spring Break   3 hours
Orientation covers travel, logistics, safety, IU release forms, Overseas Study policies, course design & obligations. Focus:  Scheduling of student travel, purchase of flights; preparation (insurance, clothing, equipment, supplies); course dynamics; logistics (field trips, food, lodging); as well as other questions raised by participants.  Read Student preparation Guide.



Week One. On Campus Seminars — Days 1-2-3 (pre-Travel)

Tues:      Tourism Studies & Concepts; Maya Cultures; Spanish Dialogue; Fieldwork Basics
Wed:      Theories of Tourism; Action Research Methods; Visual Ethnography Methods
Thurs     Regions; Alternative & Eco-Tourisms;  Tourism Representation & Marketing


Week 1-2: Maya Riviera Field Trip (Days 4-5-6-7)

Friday:       International Travel to Cancun CUN; Shuttle to Playa del Carmen:
                   Ethnographic Tour Seminar on Spatialization of Tourism
Saturday:   Playa: Seminar on Maya Riviera Tourism Development & Ethnography fieldwork assignments on tourism in Playa
Sunday:     Morning Free; Travel to Tulum; Tour of Tulum Ruins
Monday:    Tourism Workshop with Tulum County officials, business leaders, and community representatives;
                   Afternoon break for free time on beach; travel to Pisté in evening with midnight arrival


Week Two. Pisté – Chichén – Yokdzonot Community Tourism (Days 8-12)

Tues:       Arrival or First Day in Pisté. Day of write up, reflection, reading, settling in community
Wed:       Seminar (fieldwork workshop; reflections); Group visit to Yokdzonot Community Partner;
                   Conduct tourism destination assessment of Cenote Zaazil Haa.
Thurs:     Meet with Tinum County & Pisté Government officials & Tourism Business Leaders;
                   Meet with community partners and scheduling specific tea work activities
Friday:    Observation day with community partners; De-briefing Seminar
Saturday:   Full day ethnographic tour of Chichén Itzá; fieldwork assignments


Weeks 3, 4 and 5:  Community Tourism Projects Pisté (Days 13-33)

Week Three.  (May 22–May 28)
Week Four. (May 29–Jun 4)
Week Five. (Jun 5–Jun 11)

Routine Schedule hours per day direct service learning with community partner or working with teammates on service learning project.  Weekly routine includes:  2 hours of seminar 2 times a week; 3-4 hours daily working with community partner on team project; 2-3 hours daily divided between (a) writing up fieldnotes and reflections, (b) lab work to process and archive visual-graphic media, audio recordings and video, (c) reading of seminar assignments, (d) online research related to community partner and project, and (e) screening and discussion of films related to tourism and Maya culture.


Field Trips, mostly day excursions from Pisté:

  • Cenotes Yokdzonot (day trip)
  • Cenote Ikkil (day trip)
  • Cenote Dzitas (day trip)
  • Cenote Dzitnup (day trip)
  • Valladolid, tour of colonial city (day trip)
  • Mérida en Domingo— street festival held every Sunday in downtown Merida (Saturday overnight)
  • Mérida Noche de Yucatán—music & culture festival in Parque Santa Lucia (Thurs night & overnight)


Week Six. Finalize & Present Projects to Partners (Jun 12–Jun 15; Days 34-37)

Final days of program on-site:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
Sun/Mon:      Team members complete project and prepare presentations 
Mon/Tues:    Presentation of Project Results to Community Partners
Tuesday:        Debriefing Seminar; service learning students assess and reflect on projects,
                     achievements, frustrations, and modifications of project plan
Tuesday:        Submission of all assignments, fieldwork materials and products
Tuesday:        Program Clausura – social event to mark closure of program
Wednesday:   Departure for airport by 11am from Pisté.  Students return to USA


Program Content Program Logistics

⇒ Service Learning Projects  

⇒ Program Cost  

⇒ Program Locations 

⇒ Eligibility & Requirements 

⇒ Program Lodging and Meals 

⇒ Application Process 

⇒ Field Trips and Tourism Attractions 

⇒ Student Travel Info 

⇒ Community Partners 

⇒ Program Calendar & Schedule 

⇒ Course Syllabus   

⇒ Teaching & Research Facility  

⇒ Program Director & Staff / Faculty  

⇒ Travel Safety & Security in Yucatán  


This Service Learning experience will make THE difference in your life

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